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Do You Read The Weed?

Yes, I know…this is my second post today… I just couldn’t help it. I saw the coolest post on Josh Weed’s Blog, The Weed. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh, cry, or just stare. Instead, I decided to share, in … Continue reading

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Black Friday? I Think Not!

You know, I hear a lot about Black Friday from my friends and on the news, and whatnot. My friend Skwarl face booked the following, and I wholeheartedly agree:  Holy Crap, I can’t believe the rampant consumerism that would make … Continue reading

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Muffaletta, Turducken, and Thanksgiving…

A tweet from my sister:     GoHybrid: Mmmm. Muffaletta Pizza. Yum. Off to have dinner. My response:    @GoHybrid What the hell is a muffaletta, and is it in season? Is that like Turducken? I didn’t know what the hell a … Continue reading

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