Shopping Adventures…or Not.

Juanita channeling Me regarding Shopping

This sums it up nicely.


Yes, it’s me…Second time in a week, I know.

So here is the thing.  It’s not genetically ingrained in me to shop. (Sorry guys, I’m married.)

Now, I DO love a good deal on a handbag, but I get far from excited about the sales at Belk, Dillards, or Macy’s. Where clothing is concerned? I have about a third grade mentality. Sorry. It is what it is.

Y’all probably saw the blog from Friday night where I was absolutely in awe of the fact that I had absolutely NO idea that I have no fashion sense whatsoever, right?  If you haven’t been there, go HERE first and then come back.

So, because I had a few hours between makeover #1 and makeover #2, my dear friends, Squirreling Dervish and Joyful2be, along with my step-daughter, Peri, came with me to Triangle Town Center in Raleigh to do a little shopping.  Because, since you’ve read the last blog entry, you know I still needed a skirt suit.  Marty had given me some coupons for a sale at one of the aforementioned department stores, I figured I’d have better luck in Raleigh.  No.  Not really. I think we spent an hour in the first store.  Joyful2be snagged a REALLY cute top, though.

So off we went to department store #2.  We combed the racks and could not, for the life of us, find a suit that fit me.

Finally, Squirreling flagged us down and drug me over to a really sweet sales lady that knew where the black pencil skirts were.  (Thank you Lisa & Squirreling!)  I tried on a bunch of stuff and ended up with a couple of really cute skirts (Peri-approved, with two additional thumbs-up from the other girls), and a two piece blouse set that may be a little more Bo-ho than I was in search of, but danged if I didn’t fall in love with it nonetheless. I still need a couple of blouses, and an extra jacket, but the skirts work, and I’m happy.

Sort of. I spent more than I needed to, but hey.  I have half a wardrobe, now, where I had NONE 48 hours ago.

And I have to thank Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess) for the really cool Juanita template that she was kind enough to let us all use!

Till next time….

PS…I never did make it back to Ross Dress For Less to get the metal chicken, which has pre-maturely been named Solange, because the weather was ugly today. (Wait…it sounds like I’m naming the chicken because the weather was bad, and that’s not the case. I didn’t go GET the chicken BECAUSE the weather was bad today…)  🙂

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