Burning it @ Both Ends

Me on meeting challenges and goals...

Yes, I’m a success junkie.

Yes, I’m a Type-A personality.

Yes, I’m a work-a-holic.

Yes, these things do come at a price.

Why do I come down with something illness-related once every week or two?  Gee, I dunno.

Maybe because I haven’t had but one honest to God day off since before the first of the year?

Yeah…have a day job.  It pays the bills and keeps us insured.

Yeah…have a studio. It’s nice. It’s fun. According to the IRS it is now a hobby.

Yeah, I am a Mary Kay lady. It’s nice. It’s fun, and according to the IRS it isn’t a hobby yet.

But all of the above?  They eat about 90 hours a week combined. I have some hard choices to make.

Where can I cut back?

I am also a lover of challenges.  Someone throws a challenge down and for whatever reason, I have to meet or exceed it.

I think this is where the problem lies.

I think it’s time for this girl to sit back, do some meditation and reflection and determine what the priorities are in my life, because if I don’t? There won’t be a life.

The wick is but so long.


4 thoughts on “Burning it @ Both Ends

  1. Julie, go back in your mind to when you were a California girl, wearing your Boho skirts, wearing your hair long, young and energetic. Now think if she were with you right now. What would she say to you? (This works only if you were not the type A personlity then that you are now. Take care of my friend!!

    1. Girl, I was SO not a type A back in the day. 🙂 THAT young girl, full of dreams for the future, would tell me this:

      “Old woman (because anyone 30+ was old back then), stop long enough to get yourself together and tell yourself what you REALLY love. THEN go after it, but keep time aside for that cute guy that loves you, because we both know that we thrive on that affection.”

      1. Ohhh that is sweet 🙂
        I’m curious to enquire, what are your hobbies? I mean ‘the real’ hobbies, not those named that by the IRS? 😀 & how much time do you have dedicated to do them per week?

      2. Cloud –
        Photography IS a hobby, as well as a profession. I also love to read, crochet, cook, and sit on the couch with a huge bowl of popcorn and watch movies.

        I would have to say that right now? I have set aside ONE day of Julie time for me each week, and it’s more than likely going to be a Saturday. For example, today? I’m blogging, doing a little laundry, spending some time with the hubs tinkering around the house. I’ll be plugging in for some DVR catching up in a bit. I’ve been really slack about anything else today, specifically, because it feels good NOT to do anything. 🙂 Next week I have MK parties on Sunday, but nothing on Saturday.

        I am HONESTLY trying to do better with this so that I can have more than zero down time. All work and no play makes Jules a bitch. 😉 And that’s not me. Not usually, anyway, although my neighbors will tell ya different, ha ha… 🙂

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