Neighbor Update…


Are you freaking SERIOUS????

The following is an except from the letter I emailed to the property management company supposedly dealing with the rental house next door. I used the street address of the property in question in the subject line.  104 ABC Street.

To Whom it May Concern:

My name is Julie XXX and I live at 106 ABC Street, next door to the property mentioned above.

I understand that your organization is the rental management company for that property.  I was told that “The Old Company” no longer is responsible for this rental and was given the name of your company, which I googled to find your contact information.

When these individuals moved into the home in September, we heard very little of them or from them.  That all changed on New Year’s night. Not New Year’s Eve, mind you, January 1.  A Sunday night.

From there I went on to explain the situation, including the part where one of them pee’d in my neighbor’s front yard, the noise, partying, the trash that continually blows into our yard, and also enclosed the pictures I used on yesterday’s blog.

I closed with the following:

This is becoming more than a little ridiculous.  This is a family neighborhood, and we all like a good party, but this every weekend crap that they are pulling is getting more than a little bit out of hand.  I will no longer step out on my front porch or back deck to ask them to stop. I will simply call the Sheriff’s department as many times as it takes to get something done.

I understand my neighbors at 103 have also contacted you.

I will be following up with a phone call or a visit to your office tomorrow, Monday, February 27.

Thank you and have a great day.”

I received a reply in my email this morning.  All I can say is this:

I rest my case.

This is what I received:

We don’t have a rental property at 106 ABC Street.

We do manage rental properties but that’s not one of them.

“I’m very sorry to hear about this, I would be very upset too.


To which I replied:

Dear Sir,

The problem is at 104, not 106. I live at 106. If 104 is not your rental, perhaps you know who is managing it?

Thank you,”

The saga continues…


10:30 a.m.  I have received another email from the “Sir” above. Apparently this is not their property. (Of course not. I wouldn’t claim it, either.) Now I have to start calling property management agencies to find out who manages this guy.

I’ll keep you posted, ha ha.

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5 Responses to Neighbor Update…

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  2. cloudoflace says:

    Perseverance is everything! 🙂 Good luck! I really feel with you, as I’ve got noisy floor mates here at the dorms where I live. & I have daily suffering with them. They’re not only noisy, but rude & vulgar!! I recently have gotten me some natural wax earplugs! Hope they work :s

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