Spring~! It’s Coming! YAY!

So the hubs goes to the store to pick up some supper and a few sundries.

I am incredibly excited when I see this:

Getting ready for the warmer weather. FINALLY!

Yes, it’s shock. For the pool. Which I cannot WAIT to get into, hopefully later next month.

I am excited that someone besides me is thinking ahead to pool season. I know…the nay-sayers are thinking it’s not going to be until Memorial Day that i get in and swim, but I am DARING them to look me in the face so that I can tell them that I told them so.  Just sayin’.

I can’t say I get “skinny” for summer, but I can say that I start the season out in my fat lady swim suit and end up in my cute two piece that shows a bit of skin by about July. Swimming is my favorite type of exercise.

So let’s lift our glasses to an early spring, a chemically balanced pool, and beautiful blooms on our spring bulbs!

Till next time….


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