Cold Feet, Big Boobs

There is no picture to go along with this blog. I just couldn’t bring myself to post a post-op breast on here today.

11:42 a.m. – I”m sitting here, at the day job, taking a quick break between tasks.

Today is the day that I go to visit the plastic surgeon regarding reduction surgery. I am going alone, and I have just gotten a case of nerves like you wouldn’t believe.

What if he says I have to lose weight first and won’t consider surgery until then?

What if he says the girls aren’t big enough?

Why didn’t I remember to take care of that little bit of stubble in my armpits this morning?

What if he says we CAN go forward with it?

Leave it to me to worry over any and all possible scenarios.  More Later…

3:15 p.m. – So the doc was running late this afternoon, which is ok, because I was running low on nerve, but I had a “RedBook” to read once I disrobed from the waist up and put on the “all but too small across the chest, but was huge everywhere else” gown that I am quite sure must have come from the hospital laundry, and the faces of the laundry people that would eventually be laundering my gown went through my head. How bizarre is that?  That’s the thing about going to doctors that are part of the hospital group that one works for. In my case, I already knew the office manager, because my Courier and Support Service Associates already deliver to this particular doctor’s office, so it was nice to see a friendly face (or two).

Let me back up just a moment. I have a friend that I’ve known about forever that had the surgery done.  She came in to see me at work one morning in November and said, “JULES!  I’m getting my reduction surgery!!!!”  And I wasn’t sure if I wanted to hug her or slug her, because I was so jealous. What I did do, however, was hug her tight and tell her, “I mean this in the nicest possible way, but I hate you so much right now I can’t stand it!” And I hugged her again.  After her surgery (which actually took place twelve weeks ago today), she came to see me a few times post-op, and I believe I truly began to hate her a little more with each visit. Oh, I was SO jealous. She sang the doc’s praises and encouraged me to call him.  Which I did, as you read about in my blog a couple of weeks ago.

When I decided I might actually be ready to go forward, I emailed my friend, and told her what I had up my sleeve.  She told me that I would not be sorry…In fact, she was feeling pretty amazing and had lost a good bit of weight since the surgery, and I asked questions, and she answered candidly, and I made the appointment, and we’ve visited off and on via email over these past two weeks.

So I arrived, read the magazine, the doc comes in and is every bit as nice as Suz said he would be, and we got down to brass tacks. I told him why I was looking into the surgery, I showed him “the girls,” he took some measurements, told me I could cover up. My fear that the girls would be too small was unfounded. Apparently they are the perfect candidates for the surgery. Then we talked about the keyhole and the anchor, which are the two types of surgery for girls like mine. I opted for the anchor, given that I would still have a scar running from nipple in a straight line down, and then a “U” shaped scar underneath the breast (or what will be left of it, if you will…). The keyhole still leaves a scar going vertically, but not as large of a “U” shape. The difference is that more tissue can be removed with the anchor than the keyhole, which is why I made that decision.

Apparently losing weight isn’t a huge deal, either. Now that I’m moving about the cabin without a bum knee (yeah, still a little sore from the other day’s antics. but not bad), he feels like the extra poundage around my mid-section will start to go away.

Then we talked about smoking. As y’all know, I’ve cut back a lot over the last two weeks, but before they submit the paperwork to my insurance, I MUST be nicotine free for 30 days. Nicotine, I learned, can cause the nipples to die, and I don’t know about y’all, but dead nipples do NOT sound  like loads of fun. So as of midnight tonight? No more nicotine – no patches, no gum, no nothing but a nicotine free e-cig.  Again, it’s sad that my vanity will let me quit smoking, but the fear of heart disease and/or lung cancer will not.

So, where we are now is I call them in 30 days, provided I’ve not cheated, because if I do, the clock starts over again, and the mental image of dead nipples will keep me honest, that’s for sure.

Until next time…

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15 Responses to Cold Feet, Big Boobs

  1. Cyndi says:

    I have a couple of friends who had reductions and swear it was one of the best decisions they ever made. Afraid I’m not much help, though — really can’t quite fill up an A cup, so I’m honestly a little jealous. When I was 9 months pregnant (and 50 pounds heavier than usual), I was just barely a C cup and was fairly confident I could have ruled the world with those things.

    Hope all is well in Goldsboro…

  2. I have a couple of friends who had reductions and swear it was one of the best decisions they ever made. Afraid I’m not much help, though — really can’t quite fill up an A cup, so I’m honestly a little jealous. When I was 9 months pregnant (and 50 pounds heavier than usual), I was just barely a C cup and was fairly confident I could have ruled the world with those things.

    Hope all is well in Goldsboro…

    • I envy you! I have to tell you…anything bigger than almost a “c” on me just HURTS. I know we always think the grass is always greener, but I KNOW I won’t have to wear two bras just to exercise anymore! 🙂

      Goldsboro is….Well…It’s Goldsboro! 😉 And for the record I must now stalk…errrr…follow you! 🙂

  3. Oh, and your tagline ‘This is me … unfiltered’ just got funnier.

    • …and I have to tell you that when I read this (I got an email notification that there was a comment) and I was standing in the gift shop here at the hospital when I read what that comment was, and I literally laughed out loud. I got some funny looks, but it was sure worth it! 😀

  4. Yay for you! Isn’t it ironic? Your blog subject matter versus the roots of mine. Everything you talked about from the anchor incision to the nicotine information totally checks out with my findings. I thought that was worth sharing. But, girl, if you can go 30 days without a smoke, you can kick the habit for good. The world needs more Julies like you. Let that be an added benefit of your soon-to-be-sculpted boobs! Plus, it’s more blogfodder! 🙂

    • Thank you! You are absolutely right. 30 days? If I do that (well, and the additional six weeks post-op), it’d be absolutely crazy to go back.

      And honestly? It hasn’t been as bad as I thought that it would be. The first couple days were a little trying, but I’m on day four, and from what I understand, after the 7th day, it’s easier.

      So how are things coming with your decision?

  5. Sherri says:

    Wait, nicotine kills nipples? Shouldn’t they put that on the packages? Wow…

    The two women I know who have had this surgery never looked back…said they only wished they had done it sooner.

    Good luck to you!

    • Yes…I did not know that, either. I seriously thought it was for healing purposes and the amount of oxygen in your blood. Who knew?

      So I am going on my first full nicotine-free day. My last cig was last nite at 9pm EST.

  6. Susan D. says:

    Dead nipples? Seriously—-what happens next? Do they have to remove them? Boy that’ll keep you honest about not smoking.

  7. Claire Lopez says:

    On the other hand (which I meant to include in the first comment)….I believe in you and your desire for smaller boobs and a pain-free back/neck/shoulders! Quitting smoking might suck, but it’s temporary. And the rewards are permanent!! You go, girl!!

    • At some point, I may even do before and after pics, but I’m not sure where I stand on that…probably clothed, of course…Unless you WANT to see frankenbooby, but not so sure *I* wanna see frankenbooby! 🙂

  8. Claire Lopez says:

    Oh, Jules! I’m in love/hate with you (and I mean that in the nicest possible way!). Congratulations on the future tatas — AND the not smoking. (I looooove to smoke….awful, I know….and yet would love to quit for obvious reasons). You’re in Austin, right? I’m in FW….if things get tough I can come slap you around or something. Just an offer…..

    • Awwww, girl! Thank you! Yeah, the quitting part sucks, but no neck/back pain? And cute ta-ta’s? Oh, hell, yeah! I’m in Goldsboro, NC…but I have a bestie that lives in Grapevine, so I will absolutely look you up the next time I’m out to visit! 🙂

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