Oh, I’m Fine. Just Pissed at Life in General…

Things I should be saying but won’t.

How stupid do people really think I am?

No, really?

To the manager I no longer like nor respect at my day job: I pretty much had you pegged when my friends stopped speaking to me shortly after you and I had our falling out…No…wait.  I SUSPECTED I had you pegged. I really couldn’t believe that a grown person of AARP age status could be as high-school petty, so I’m surprised. :P, so there, if we’re going back to school and all. My buddy still knows I have mad, MAD love for them. 😉

It’s ok, tho. It will all come out in the wash. It always does.

To the Higher Powers at the Part Time Job I No Longer Choose to Work: How do you people even sleep at all at night????  I quit.  That is all.

That said? I will get up in the morning, go to my day job, do what they pay me to do, for the most part, and come home and work on the novel that I’ve been carrying around in my brain for the last week or two.

To that REALLY cool fitness site that I have grown to love?  How could you do this? I just found you and not 20 minutes after my last work you, you send me an email telling me that you are closing your doors? 😦  Why, youble.com, WHY? I understand the fiscal aspect of it, and while I only knew you a few short days, I will miss you!

PS…As of 90 minutes ago? I’ve been nicotine free for three weeks. 🙂

Have a great night!

Till Next Time….


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