Auction Tomorrow! So Excited!

We have some COOL stuff to auction for a great cause!

As many of you know, I try to remain as active on our day job team’s Relay for Life Team. 🙂

Tomorrow is our first silent arts and crafts auction in two or three years.

I worked late (which doesn’t happen often) because I came in very late, given I’d woken up at some ungodly hour (ok, one o’clock) with a tremendously upset stomach and snotty head and sore throat.

I napped after calling in at seven to let them know I needed a little sleep before coming in and doing matting and bid sheets.

I arrived shortly after eleven and matted photos until 2:30 or 3:00, at which time I started working on bid sheets.

We have well over a thousand dollars worth of tangible items and six hundred in a catered DJ party for 50. 🙂

Granted our minimum bids are much less than the value of the actual products/photos/jewelry/etc., but it is for a good cause and we’ve had submissions from as far away as Ohio. 🙂

Elaine and the Type-A Workaholic the night before the big day. 🙂 We are burning music and drinking wine. Life is good, y’all!


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