Friday Wrap-Up 4/27/12

So this is my life and stuff…. :)(

Holy Cow! It’s Friday already, and not only have I gotten my Bloggess book, I have started my own writing and editing projects. 🙂 Thank you Shaunna!

See, I’ve been editing and proofreading Shaunna’s newest piece of fiction, ”Country Heels,” and while I am not a huge romance fan? This one got me and I am having a really difficult time putting it down because Brad & Brooke are so…well…real. 🙂

What Takes YOU Back?????

I got one of these at 13, and I cherished it for years!

Have you ever been sitting there doing something currently pertinent when a song comes on the radio Spotify/iPod/streaming music site of your choice that just takes you back to the very first time you heard it, or even where you were in your life when you might have heard said song repeatedly?

This is exactly what happened to me while I was sitting here, minding my own business, editing a piece of really good fiction for my friend Shaunna, and I heard “Everlasting Love” by Andy Gibb. Yes, I realize that by doing this post, I will be dating myself on the interwebz, and I’m ok with that.

I received a console stereo for my 13th birthday. I thought I would pee my pants when I saw it. My best friend, Allison, was there when we walked in the house and there it was with a bow on top. It was the coolest-EVER gift from my parents. I still dream about that crazy stereo, sometimes.

I also received an Andy Gibb (whom I adored back then) album to play on said stereo, which was seriously a huge deal, because up until then? All I had were 45 singles, so an honest to God LP?  OMG… Just sayin’…

OMG, I LOVED him…. a treat, as I had a stack of 45's but no LP's till that point.

The other item I recall receiving was one of those big coloring posters that used to be so popular during that time (and I do still find myself wanting to pick up some felt tips and go to town on one).

I have had MANY of these in my life...

That said, when that song played this afternoon, I was transported some 30+ years into the past, back onto the linoleum floor in my bedroom, which was at the back of the house, and had a sliding glass door leading out to the back yard, and also had a screen door, so I could let the air in during the day. (Said door could have been my undoing when I got a little older. I only ever thought about sneaking out once, and that’s a story I will save for another time.) I would sit on my floor, working on that poster with the door open, and the Santa Clara Valley breeze blowing in through that screen door during those early weeks of July, listening to Andy croon over and over about everlasting love, shadow dancing, and just wanting to be my everything.

And when I say I was shot back in time? I mean, I forgot where I was, who was around, and for a short time, I was newly 13, smelling that wonderful California air, feeling the coolness of that tacky old linoleum floor against my legs, and reliving the happy anxious feelings that only a new teenage girl can understand when thinking about boys and the future.

Of Writing and Authors…

This week has been more than just a little nuts for me. And surreal. I love to write, but I also like to read, and I was lucky enough to be asked by Shaunna Rodriguez to edit her new fictional romance, ”Country Heels.” Now, I know if you are reading me you want a sample of this romance. And I don’t do a lot of romantic fiction, but this has caught me by surprise, and I can’t help rooting for Brooke & Brad. Download your sample here. And don’t forget to visit Shaunna’s blog!

On the same topic, my good friend, Sandra Carrington-Smith, is about to release, “Killer in Sight,” and I hope that you will go here to download your three chapter free view. I will be interviewing Sandra Carrington-Smith (her blog and her web site)shortly after this great piece of fiction is out for purchase…(oh, and for the record? Kathy, the photographer in this novel, was actually fashioned after yours truly, i.e. ME, people, LOL) so I would HOPE that you will give this read a look and let me know what you think. A synopsis of this story can be found here.

That said, I just want you all to know that I will be interviewing both Shaunna Rodriguez and Sandra Carrington-Smith here on this blog, and both think that a book give-away would be a great way to meet new readers, so y’all be sure to hang in there and continue to follow me and visit often for your chance to win!

Of Photography and Fun…

I shot Pam & LP’s wedding last Saturday and was absolutely tickled with the results I got.  For those of you that are interested, please find your way over to THIS BLOG and take your time perusing and reading.

I will also be in Mount Olive tomorrow to do a shoot for Goldsboro Daily News covering the car show and some vendors at the Mount Olive Pickle Festival. I love me some Eastern NC, because festivals abound and I did not get festivals as a small child, so I try to make up for that now, as an adult with a camera in hand. 🙂 Soooo, if you see the crazy looking red-hed with the Goldsboro Daily News shirt on, who happens to be carrying a fairly good sized camera? Please stop by and say hello and tell me  you saw it here, first. 🙂

 Working Out…

‘Nuff said. That is all.

Until Next Time…

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6 Responses to Friday Wrap-Up 4/27/12

  1. Claire Lopez says:

    When I saw the picture of your old record player, i could *smell* mine (I swear on a stack of chocolate). It was soooooo cool (mine was a small one — not nearly as grand as yours!).

  2. Andy Gibb??

    A little before my time…

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