So Who is Up for a Boob Update?

Do you think the title is too much?

No? Ok…I figured I’d get more FUN readers on the search engines if I used BOOB (read in your head as a southern-style “bewb,”), rather than BREAST (and read that in your head with a bit of an upscale British accent, huh?

That said, let me introduce you to the players in the game this season:

The bane(s?) of my existence – six years of neck, shoulder, and back pain.

And I have to laugh at this point, because in order to keep things loading smoothly here, on the interwebz, I choose a “medium” picture size, even though I also have a choice of “large,” and “full size.”  Well, we know which is the most accurate, DON’T WE?????

Ok, so my plastic surgeon had me come in this morning for a quick re-cap and pre-op instructions pertaining to outpatient surgery. He also wanted to double check to make sure everything was good before sending the letter to the insurance company. I also told him that I had been nicotine free for six weeks and two days. He said he KNEW I could do it, and that is what he’d told me when I walked out of his office six weeks and two days ago. A pain free existence and a more proportionate body are all the the motivation this lady needs to do the right thing.

Sadly, however, Dr. E. warned me that trying to LOSE weight while quitting would be setting myself up to fail. So the fact that I only gained three pounds is a good thing, the way I see it. Now, I just have until two weeks before surgery to un-ass as much of this winter weight as I can, because I won’t be able to really exercise (read: swim in the pool) for six weeks post op.  The final two weeks pre-op are for eating healthy, well balanced meals, because good nutrition is a very important part in the healing process. I have also told him that if he has to pick between a larger and smaller size to go for the smaller size. Then he tells me that if I lose a lot of weight post-op? They will get smaller… REALLY?  Say no more. 😀

In other news, we had a very special delivery today.

Our back yard is in dire need of top soil in many places, so my sweetie decided to get some…to the tune of twenty ton’s worth.

Don’t know what 20 tons of dirt looks like?  Here:

So between the tractor, Johnny, Tim, and myself…SOMEBODY is going to be busy this next few days. 🙂

Oh, and PS, Men? If you are going to rag on your woman for doing this? (And to be clear, I do NOT refer to 20 tons of top soil in the driveway.) Perhaps you need to re-evaluate your priorities…ESPECIALLY if you have been together more than a year or two.  Does she care for your children? Does she help pay the bills? Hell, does she PAY the bills, balance the checkbook, cook the meals, work a forty or more hour week in or out of the home? Does she make sure your socks are clean, that you make it to your doctor’s appointments? And you love her for all that she does for you, yes?  Then if your woman is going to be healthier and happier for doing an elective surgery to make her more comfortable? Just be glad THAT is what is happening and not some more DEADLY alternative that requires a complete and total removal of her breasts, ok?  Just sayin’.

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Till next time…

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11 Responses to So Who is Up for a Boob Update?

  1. You in the South—-Thems called TITTAYS or Funbags.

  2. Poppy says:

    I for one am excited about your new rack. I am all for anything that makes you feel better! I wouldn’t want to lug those around either! Yay for the no smoking too – that is huge. Well not as huge as the girls, but still… )


    You have to do what’s best for you. I knew someone years ago who had a breast reduction and it changed her life, she was so much happier and comfortable afterwards 🙂

    Also. Boobies.

    • LOL! Thank you, L!!! I need to hear the happy success stories so I won’t be so freaked out…General anesthesia does wig me out, but only a little. The one time I did go under, it was GOOD sleep. 😉



  4. Elaine Estes says:

    Yea!! It won’t be much longer now!! I am so proud of you for losing the cigaretes!!

  5. Claire Lopez says:

    Wooohooooo!!! New boobs! I’m thrilled for you and oh-so-jealous for me. They’re gonna look AWESOME! (You know we want side-by-side before and after pix, right?) Where do I send the flowers?

  6. He didn’t say…but I always tell anyone that doesn’t get it to take a couple five to ten pound flour bags and affix rope to them and wear them around his chest to see what it feels like.

  7. Susan D. says:

    Not trying to be funny, but seriously, how many pounds does the surgeon think you’ll lose just by going under the knife? Looks like a few pounds right there, without even dieting…

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