Mother Nature & Then Some…

Some of you know I rolled out to Cliffs of the Neuse State Park last Friday to take some pictures to add to what I hope will be a killer Relay for Life fundraising calendar of Eastern North Carolina.  For those of you that don’t? See first sentence, hahahah…(Yes, I kill me…)

The beauty of Nature…Not to be confused with what I saw in that parking lot…

Not only did I see some wonderful works of the amazing Mother Nature, I think I also may have seen some crimes against nature. I’m not judging…I’m just sayin’….

So I’m getting my camera unwound from around my neck in the parking lot in the “Cliffs overlook” parking lot, after having fought off greedy, sweet-blood sucking mosquitos, and getting settled in for the drive home, when I notice the following:

An older dude (and I will NOT ever, again, use the word “old”) got out of his truck, went around to the hood, and while I thought, initially, he was going to lift it? He didn’t…I swear to you, the guy was peeing. Seriously…I was riveted… No, not in that perverse I can see his pee-pee way, but in that, I so can’t believe he is pissing in a public parking lot with the traffic like it is way. Mind you, the truck was there when I arrived and I only noticed the driver’s head…

And if this wasn’t bad enough…while older hippie (and that’s not derogatory, mind you, just descriptive) was doing HIS thing, hippie older dude number two gets out of the passenger side of said truck…is facing MY vehicle, and literally rearranges his junk for a while, and then turns around and HE pees, too.  What the HELL???? (Might I add that I totally expected to see a person of the female persuasion getting out of the truck, thinking the driver got REALLY lucky that afternoon…)

Then they both get back into the truck, which had a logo, that, mind you, looked suspiciously familiar as a daycare center’s logo, but I can’t swear to that because a) I was too far away; and b) I wasn’t wearing my glasses.

So…the only reason I had to post this is that I know that a lot of my readers have small kids, and thankfully I didn’t have any of MY kids (and they aren’t small) with me…Please, PLEASE be aware of your surroundings so that your kids don’t see stuff like that.  If it wasn’t so bizarre, it would probably be funny. Actually, it IS funny, because I was the one that saw it, and NOT my kids…

So in closing…Is NOWHERE sacred, anymore? SERIOUSLY, people?

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3 Responses to Mother Nature & Then Some…

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  2. weight2lose2013 says:

    People can be strange. If you’re going to do that, at least go into the woods where no one can see you.

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