The End is Near!!!!

Thank heavens!

Yes, this is one of those, “oh, no, she’s going to whine, again” blogs, but I can’t help it.

No, it’s not the creepy neighbors (although, they did keep us up again until after one this morning, but it was technically only midnight, if you consider that “extra” hour of sleep we got).

No, it’s not the economy (although, I could go on for hours about it, but won’t).

No, it’s not about bad hair dye, traffic signals that are programed to make one late for work daily, or anything like that.

This time I am whining about the end of the election year.

My phones (yes, phoneS) have been inundated with “private” calls and strange caller ID’s for the past several weeks. I’m getting robo-voicemail at the office, the phone is ringing off the hook, here at the house (thanks to caller ID I don’t pick up), but I do have that on-the-tv caller ID. This is a good thing, in most instances, but damn, politicos! Give it a rest, already.

Did I mention my inbox? I have received 16 emails from Obama’s camp since yesterday morning. SIXTEEN! My spam filter just can’t keep up.

I rocked mine, and if you haven’t already? Get your keester out there Tuesday and do your thing.

For the record, I took advantage of early voting and did my part two weeks ago, not that anyone would actually know that, which surprises me, since they seem to know everything else about us these days. If they actually KNEW they would know to stop harassing me, LOL…

Then there are the people. You know the ones; the ordinarily regular Joes who are peace loving, non-confrontational types the other every three and a half years. I have seen more people lose their stuff over this election in the last couple of weeks than I can even believe. Hasn’t anyone ever heard the term, “let’s agree to disagree”? Apparently NOT.

I frequent a local news channel’s web site to get my current events-fix, and tend to go and read the comments on many stories. I have seen normally well behaved and polite people turn into some of the most rude jackasses lately. It doesn’t matter if the story is on an arrest that was made. It was the Republican’s fault that the guy was let out of prison too soon. Missing kid? Blame the Dems. I won’t even tell you what these folks are saying about Sandy hitting the east coast last week. I mean, SERIOUSLY?  Like each party has a responsibility for every natural disaster that’s occurred over the past several months? Get a grip.

(UPDATE: 11/5/12)  From aforementioned news outlet’s article on what to expect when you go out to vote tomorrow:
Idiot #1:  Remember 1 thing: Democrats are scheduled to vote on Wednesday! 

Idiot #2:  Shouldn’t all the right wing-nuts be holding snakes and speaking in tongues in back wood shacks on Tuesday as opposed to going into the big city to vote?

I rest my case. (End of Update …)

Let’s talk about Facebook. I know it’s the place to express yourself, but must you express your political views twenty-six times a day? I am actually having to scroll through numerous political posts before I can actually find out who is doing what in their real lives. And I don’t mean twenty-six different people posting their views. I am talking about one person (times however many politically driven friends are on your list) posting that many items. Folks, really. We got it a month or six ago that you are a die-hard Dem/Republican/Independent/Martian/Cannibal/Whatever…you don’t have to reiterate this THAT many times in a day…EVERY day. *face palm*

Yes, it’s wonderful that we live in a country where we can express our opinions and have freedom of speech, but must you kick the dead horse until it’s out and out decomposed?

And here’s an idea: If you’re running for office, how about putting out a commercial that tells us what you can do for us, rather than how your opposition is solely responsible for global warming, higher taxes, cost of gas, and whatever else is wrong with the country. If you can’t stand on what you CAN do for us, then I probably won’t be voting your ass in to any office.

I don’t ordinarily post anything, anywhere on politics, given that like sex and religion, it’s not something that should be discussed in places like the office, but what the hell, right? I keep my political views to myself for the most part. I’m too liberal to be labeled conservative, but still too conservative to be labeled liberal, so I’m a middle of the road kind of girl. I’ll be honest. I really struggled with my vote this year, because honestly? I learned how to tell when a politician is lying. Generally, their lips are moving.  If you want to know how your political views line up with the candidates, you can take this cool online quiz at  If you feel like sharing, let me know how you came out.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone would simply (and I use that word loosely) come up with a “People’s Party,” comprised of ordinary folks who don’t hold law degrees, aren’t nauseatingly wealthy, don’t come from a long line of what evers, and are actually IN TOUCH with what it’s really like to be situated in the middle class? Yeah, I know. THAT’s too much to ask.

While I think many of our systems are broken, outdated, out of touch, etc., I still believe that the United States is still a pretty amazing place to live, and like I’ve done for the last however many elections I’ve been legal to vote in (like, four…yeah, four, that’s it…), I rocked my vote, despite the annoyances of these election years, and encourage you to do the same on Tuesday. After all…If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain about how things are going.

That said, I will be SO happy to see Wednesday morning.

And people? Please. When it’s over, take the freaking signs out of your yards!

Till Next Time…

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3 Responses to The End is Near!!!!

  1. Liz Gray says:

    I LOVE this and wish I would’ve seen it earlier. Would’ve loved to have gone to I side with website. Like you….too conservative to be labeled liberal and vice versa. I agree tell me what you WILL DO to fix problem, not what other guy will do make it worse. Sadly, I think negativity is the way of political campaigns from now on. What a shame. Great blog!

  2. My sign says “FOR SALE”..bitches…

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