Our Car Lot…errr…Cul de Sac

car lot

Kind of what my neighborhood looks like this evening…

Yes, when I write, I’m oblivious. Almost.

I put my ear buds in and listen to whatever strikes my fancy on Spotify or Pandora and get to banging out whatever it is on my mind by way of the keyboard. If the dogs start barking I am aware of that.

Tonight I’ve been aware of that a LOT.

Then, about an hour or so ago, my neighbor across the street calls and asks if I can hear the the jerk-wads next door. I told her I was holed up in my little corner of the world writing and listening to music and dogs barking. A LOT of barking.

She’s been up since four and will be ready for bed soon. HOWEVER, the boneheads are at it again. I wasn’t aware of the racket because of the ear buds, but I peeked out the window while on the phone with her and saw what realistically resembled a used car lot on our little cul de sac. “Oh shit, err…crap…pardon my French, but where did those come from?” She said she thought the cold weather would keep them indoors, but apparently they’ve been out all night raising all grades of hell on the front porch (hence my dog-alarm going off every five or ten minutes). The only one of them on their back porch is the black lab that they put out that has been barking non-stop since I took my ear buds out when the neighbor called.

Here we go, again.

I’ve had to let the dogs out back to, you know, go and whatnot, and every time we’ve been out there, they’d run to the back half of the yard and bark at the back fence like the boogie man was out there. All I can say is God help them if they dump their mess behind my fence again like they did last summer. Someone will be ruing the day…I am not above flaming dog shit in a bag (or maybe it’s dog shit in a flaming bag).  Just sayin’…

Yes, I have the first sergeant’s number, but after our run in with him last summer, it’s quite obvious he doesn’t care. Bet he will tonight. My neighbor said if they don’t tone it down at a decent hour (and she is GENEROUS with her use of decent) she’s calling the sheriff. Being the neighborly girl that I am, I told her to call me after she calls them, then I would call, and then follow up with another call to that first sergeant to let him know that not only did I call the law, so did some others, so he might not want to fall into a terribly deep sleep, because I’m sure he’ll be getting more calls. Maybe it won’t come to that. *fingers crossed*

As I sit here at 11:16, the traffic up and down our little street is ridiculous; car doors closing every few minutes, people moving cars opposite the wall my back is against as I write this, and our windows are vibrating with the bass from whatever they’re listening to over there, punctuated with the occasional hoot, holler and drunken blurb sent out NOT using their inside voices.

The hubs? He’s not worried about it. He says he’ll bypass the rental agency and call GW, the property owner, on Monday. (Yeah, I love you, baby, but that was not really effective the last time you went there…it just pissed GW off, but hey, whatever floats your boat.)

So as zero hour approaches, my eyelids are getting heavy and writing (both this and my novel) are soon to be a very recent memory, and I just hope the crap chills out next door, because I don’t want to be up half the night dealing with whatever drama is going to ensue from a couple of phone calls OR the drama that will most assuredly be much more disruptive without the phone calls.

Here’s to a peaceful night’s sleep…

Until Next Time….

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