Custom Tea & Working Out

As I mentioned in my last post, this mud race-thing has me re-evaluating the amount of garbage I’m stuffing into my mouth, as well as the lack of activity I was enjoying. I swear, if I could be skinny and cute by not moving? I would absolutely write the “how-to” book and retire next week.

That said, I have a great fantasy life.

The reality of it is this: I will continue to appear blob-like if I don’t make some changes, but dammit! I need some motivation. While lower numbers on the scale are a type of reward, a better one would be to have a goal to reach that you can see/feel/remember. The scale not screaming, “one at a time, bitches,” is a plus, but I know, from past history, they do slow down, then I get bored/frustrated/disgusted and then give up altogether.

That’s why I agreed to do the mud run this spring.

Thanks, Trish! I love this thing! (For the record, my insert is green.)

Thanks, Trish! I love this thing! (For the record, my insert is green.)

Over the past week I have been researching healthy eating habits and because I love tea, I did a little research in to herbs that I can throw into my tea that will help with either weight loss, or just good health, in general.

My friend Trish got me a most amazing teapot for Christmas (see picture), because she knows that I like to play around with custom blends. Before Christmas, I put together a killer white tea and mint mix that was simply delicious.

After researching last week, I found where cinnamon has thermogenic properties, so I got some stick cinnamon and threw it into a green tea to see how that tasted. Not too bad, actually. I can drink a ton of iced green tea, anyway, so the cinnamon gave it a little extra flavor.

This morning, I put together a whole bag of green tea/mint/cinnamon and am currently brewing a pot to have on ice this afternoon. I think it will be wonderful after I work out.

Yeah, I said it…those dreaded two little words, ‘work’ and ‘out,’ but I have to do it if I’m going to get in shape for that run.

I have been a member of MyFitnessPal.Com since what? 2011? I see the voids in my history there when I got bored/frustrated/disgusted and then gave up, entirely. However, like a loyal dog that will wait for his master to come home, MFP is still there, and a fountain of information is still there for me by way of other supportive members.

I had planned on starting my Couch to 5K training today, but after the incident with the stairs on Thursday, I wasn’t sure if it would be a good idea, or not, given I can still hear my legs singing Ave Maria when I climb up or down the deck stairs out back. The habitual procrastinator in me thought it would be better to, you know, put it off for a few more days, but the go-getter thin-chick that is fighting to get out of this blob posted a request for advice, and the ayes have it. I’m starting today. How sore I will be tomorrow remains to be seen, but what the hell, right? You have to start somewhere.

So I am waiting for it to warm up just a little bit, or maybe I’ll wait until it gets dark, because I know the neighbors are going to think I move like a very young Forest Gump, and I’m not graceful when I don’t move like I have a stick up my butt.

I’m starting to get used to the 1200 calorie per day intake of food, and I am learning to move enough to gain extra calories, as well. (You see those signs on the side of the road that say, “Will work for food”? Mine says, “Will work out for food!”) I don’t feel like I am going to digest myself by 2:00 pm, anymore, which is a plus. I actually had to drink an EXTRA glass of wine last night to hit my calorie goal, because the darn calorie calculator told me if I didn’t get at least the 1200 in, I might slow my metabolism down, and who needs that? Yeah, I probably could have had a slice of cheese or something, instead, but it was getting toward bed time, and I figured 5 ounces of wine wouldn’t be a big deal, bulk-wise.

Now, today? I’m going to be earning workout calories, so I will probably have more calories available than I know what to do with, but hey…we both know I’ll find SOMETHING to use them on.

So here we go – week two of that whole non-new year’s-resolution-thing.

Till Next Time…

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5 Responses to Custom Tea & Working Out

  1. weight2lose2013 says:

    The teapot looks really nice. I drink coffee a few times a day. I should try to drink more tea.

  2. I’ll have to try that. I put a teaspoon of cinnamon in my coffee mixture the other morning and loved it with cream, but I guess everybody has different taste. My husband didn’t care for it. I’m not sure that coffee is good for you, but I’m hooked on it, anyway. 😉

    • I do coffee in the morning. I’ve been known to knock out a pot all by myself on weekends, esp. when it’s cold. I’ve tried to kind of ease back to 2 cups per day when I’m working the day job. I am hyper, anyway, I don’t think the girls would appreciate that AND my bouncing off the wall every morning, LMAO!

  3. punkycoletta says:

    That tea sounds awesome. I have heard similar things about adding cinnamon. Now I just need to actually try it!

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