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Hog Wild 5K Mud Run – Lessons Learned

As many of my regular readers know, my first ever 5K Mud Run was yesterday. Back in January, my 5’7” frame was toting around 192 pounds and I was ready to drop some weight, One of my friends from work … Continue reading

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You’re Gonna Get Bulky!!!!

This blog title pretty much paraphrases everything I’ve heard over the last two and a half months from people that are not familiar with heavy lifting and the benefits for women. So let’s visit some common myths regarding weight lifting … Continue reading

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Thoughts on a Mud Run…

With the Hog Wild Extreme Mud Run coming up a week from tomorrow, I can say I am really stoked and a little nervous. I blogged a couple of weeks back about addiction and mentioned that during mine, I did … Continue reading

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