Blog Project Idea – Who Drinks?

Name your poison...

Name your poison…

I love blogging. It started out as simply a way to vent and get random crap out of my head. Somewhere along the line, I picked up some readers, then some followers, and interviewed some of my favorite indie writers. Most recently I have met some seriously neat people, who are also bloggers. I have learned about patio gardening, teaching school, weight loss, fitness, hobbies, and how to be entertained. Bloggers come from all walks of life, and I think I have spent more time perusing my friends’ blogs over here at Word Press than I have on Facebook lately!

So I was bantering back and forth with Janey, my blogging partner in crime, over at Cupid or Cats a couple of weeks back, and in typical creative-minds fashion, we ended up talking about drinking posts. You know how conversations tend to evolve, right? Of course you do! We started talking about a whole bunch of bloggers posting about their adventures while drinking, and one thing kind of led to another, and an idea was born!

How interesting would it be to see a handful (or more) of blogs on your reader list titled, “Adventures in Drinking” all posted on March 16 (St. Patrick’s Day Eve)? Each blogger could relate a story (good or bad – there’s that duality-thing, again) pertaining to the title. The stories would run the gamut of each blogger’s quirks (I, personally, think I can suddenly sing like a rock star), a favorite game to play, or perhaps even the “adventure” that may have been a turning point in a decision to stop drinking or never start.

Janey and I thought that it would be a really interesting experiment on a couple of levels; a) to see how much participation there would be, and b) to find out what many of you do/are like when you imbibe (if you do), and/or why you don’t.

Besides our general curiosity (or nosiness, as it’s also known in certain circles), it would also be interesting to see just how much influence culture and geography have  on drinking habits. Okay, and St. Patrick’s Day Eve – the night before the consumption of green beer in many areas, seems to be a great day to share the festivities!

Interested? Maybe even just a little? If so, we’ll be looking for your “Adventures in Drinking.”

If you’re in? Follow the concept, and please feel free to share this with your followers, or post on your blog. I know that I’m looking forward to reading about everyone’s adventures. 🙂

As a side note: If you are not of legal age to drink in your location, please do not participate!

Thank you.

Oh, and I hope that THIS project is a little more successful than my last online project was.


29 thoughts on “Blog Project Idea – Who Drinks?

  1. Reblogged this on Cupid or Cats and commented:
    Hey everybody! I’m manically waving at you and smiling like a fork. That should read dork but my autocorrect decided to be all presumptuous and correct me so I’m just gonna leave it now.
    Aaaanyway, my awesome friend Julie and I (see below, she’s so much fun) had a genius idea. It’s so genius that I’m pretty sure there will be bronze statues of Julie and I adorning many cities in years to come. Yeah.
    We decided that it would be lots if fun for us all (our lovely WordPress family) to regale each other with tales of our drunker debauchery. Now before you get all sanctimonious, I’ll keep you dangling with this tidbit of information: I once met Coolio while drunk…see? This will be AMAZING!
    So on March 16, the day before St. Patrick’s Day, we want to invite you to share your adventures in drinking…there should be some pretty great tales. Let us know if you will take part, be it posts, comments, etc. Hopefully we can all laugh, or judge whatever.

    Hey, I’m Irish, I can never judge ANYONE when it comes to booze 🙂

    Happy blogging and drinking!

      1. Me too… And my crazy friends are coming up to visit me so I’ll possibly have lots of interesting stories, oh dear! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with 🙂

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