Music Entry

Music - Sometimes that's all you need to get through it.

Music – Sometimes that’s all you need to get through it.

Y’all…It’s been a crazy past several days. I have so much I could tell you, but won’t, because of time constraints tonight. Long story short? The hubs is having medical problems (apparently a sharp pain in the left side of your abdomen just under your ribs for a month is nothing you want to share with your spouse until it’s been a FREAKING MONTH…), and work has been kind of a booger bear, but I go through withdrawals when I don’t post.

That said? I’ve been escaping into music to try and unwind this week. I’ve had to. Blood work? Liver Function? CBC’s (what the hell is that anyway???), and now waiting on the referral so he can see the gastro-guy (who is the one I saw for fatty liver that told me I needed to lose weight…)

So yeah…Music. Safer than illegal drugs, and I kind of need to keep my job. I have discovered a couple of groups I want to share with y’all, because if you’re stressing out in the least (and I know a couple of you that I also follow have had a rough week, as well) these groups might help you feel better.

The first is American Authors. My buddy, Larry, introduced me to them a couple of weeks ago after having seen them on TV. He told me about them, because he really isn’t into music like this, but he found that he was really enjoying them, so I gave them a listen. I ended up getting the album on Spotify. They are just so upbeat and happy:

Enjoy this, and then go find the rest via iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, etc.

The next group I discovered is Kodaliine, from Ireland (hey, Janey? You ever hear of these guys?). They were featured on American Idol about three weeks ago when I went to the Y with Leslie. I saw them, heard them, liked them, and downloaded their song, “All I Want” while I was there, and somehow it landed in my Coldplay files, and I promptly forgot about them…Until yesterday, when I was setting up that playlist to listen to while lying in the tanning bed yesterday.

So I shared this with Larry, kind of to return the whole American Authors favor, and he loved this song, too! And I have to add…I hadn’t seen the video to this until finding the link to post here tonight, and I’m honestly choked up…The doggie…the message…the beautiful girl that helps him out…the happy ending…Holy crap, y’all…I’m a mess…

Lar? If you’re out there reading this? Enjoy…Warm sun, gentle waves, umbrella-studded drinks, and lots and lots of fun…I think after this week, ALL of us deserve a little peace and relaxation.

I hope you all enjoy these as much as I did…

I’ll try to be better at posting this week. Life is just a little nuts right now…Too much being thrown and my little brain all at once…

Until Next Time…

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  2. janeybgood says:

    Ooh, I love Kodaline. They’re a pretty big deal over here! It’s hilarious, because they were on this crappy talent show a few years as a different band and they are so great now. Great taste Julie!

  3. you need to help me with my blog. Come to Raleigh

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