The TMI of the Electronic Age


Just keep it to yourself, okay?

Just keep it to yourself, okay?

I love Facebook. I really do. It’s an amazing platform to keep up with everyone you have ever crossed paths with; from childhood friends now living across the country or the world to family, coworkers, current friends, and in special circumstances, people you’ve never physically met but find yourself engaging in philosophical conversations with because you share mutual friends and ideals. Then there are the TMI posts. You’ve seen them. We all have.


Periods. Really? I get that what you thought was a period-free zone has been messed up by a random peri-menopausal cycle. I get that you’re disappointed, but is nothing sacred, anymore?

Pregnancy falls under this category, too. Now, PLEASE don’t get me wrong. I think childbirth is a miracle, but some of the posts I have seen pertaining to the pregnancy? Not so much. Recently, I have had friends and family expecting, and they have brought forth some of the prettiest babies, ever, but we only knew about their good; not their bad and their ugly. Maybe think about keeping those bowel issues to yourself. I get that after eating an entire tin of whatever it is you inhaled (and really, I DO understand, having been through it three times, myself) you may be prone to some sort of Number Two issues, but two words, Mamma: Over. Sharing.

No. Just....NO.

No. Just….NO.

Further, to the meat heads on my friend list? Not sure I really want to know exactly WHAT happened in your pants when you pulled that deadlift of ungodly proportions off the ground. Dude. Seriously? To you I say this with respect.


I get that you are watching your diet and trying to lose weight. I think that is terrific and give you props for taking better care of yourself. I don’t get, however, posting a picture of every. single. morsel. that passes through your lips for days on end. Maybe I’m just jealous of the fact that you have time to take pictures of and post every meal that you eat, including snacks. Yeah, that must be it.


“You know you tore my heart out and now I am going to drink/smoke/drug myself stupid.” This is followed by a dozen or so comments asking, “What’s wrong? Can we help? Call if you want to talk.” Usually followed by this: “Oh, I’m fine.” Really? Don’t do that. Seriously. You freak people out when you post this kind of thing!


“My boss is such an asshat!” “I hate my frigging job so much!” “This establishment HAS to be run by barely trained apes!” I get it. We all have those days at work, but THINK before you post, people! Seriously?


I know that Facebook also gives me the option to either block much, if not all, of the content on my feed, and I understand that I have the option of culling my friend list, but that aside?

THINK, people! Are you job hunting? Please know that potential employers WILL and DO try to access you online to see who it is they may (or may not) be hiring. Are you currently employed?

Maybe calling your boss an asshat or an untrained chimp isn’t exactly a wise idea. Also, that post about abusing substances because the love of your life du jour broke your heart? Easy, there, big fella.

All I’m saying is this: consider your audience. Does Grandma, Mom, or your coworkers follow you on Facebook? Is your profile set up so that only your besties can see what you post?

Also, consider the grapevine. Your profile might be set to “friends only,” but one of your friends might be secretly gunning for your job, and that picture of you swilling too many drinks and saying, “screw the establishment,” may be your undoing.

Or, your audience may simply be people like me, who get mildly grossed out over too much information.

Just sayin.

Until next time…

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Mom of three (grown) sons and one (grown) step-daughter, wife of one, friend of many, and owned by seven 4-legged critters, writer, photographer, friend, huge fan of life, and most of all, lover of all things beautiful .….Getting healthy, and hoping to make a dent in the world in a most positive way! (And then there's my alter-ego, the Workaholic, who is me, just unfiltered.)
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27 Responses to The TMI of the Electronic Age

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  3. janeybgood says:

    I could not agree with you more here. I almost applauded at the end of this post but then realised that it would be weird. I just can’t believe how naive some people are when it comes to Facebook. Do they really not think their over-sharing of personal information will not come back to haunt them? I’m so boring on Facebook, but i have to be. Great post as always!

  4. reocochran says:

    Thanks, Jules, again for my four award nominations! I just posted one that has you warmly thanked and I am sending readers off to check out 11 other blogs!
    I am not on Facebook, but my kids and friends are. I feel that there is TMI, as you mentioned, I liked the warning not to let fellow employers discover these things, and the advice to ‘hide’ or protect the facts that may not be fully appropriate for all eyes! Smiles, Robin

    • Aww, you’re so welcome, Robin!

      I know for a fact that employers do look at this stuff. There is a police department in the establishment where I work. Several years back, one of the officers posted a picture of himself drinking a beer, giving a one finger salute, and if memory serves, he was also with an underage drinker, as well. Not such a smart idea. I understand cops are people, too, but a little common sense goes an awful long way! 😉

  5. weight2lose2013 says:

    I don’t have a facebook page, but I know of friends that do. Is there really a need to let everyone know what you’re doing EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY? My goodness! TMI!!!

  6. I don’t want to know if you are dilated at 10 centimeters ( or whatever). Fuck me, but UGH…for reals..

  7. I’m with ya! I see way TMI! 🙂

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