Way to Blow a Weekend

Lucky, lucky husband...

Lucky, lucky husband…

I had a ridiculously long to-do list this weekend. Lift, run errands, start taxes, pay bills, go to birthday party, take pictures, etc., etc.

Well, no. Not this weekend. I woke up tired yesterday and not feeling much like myself. I didn’t check mail, blogs, Facebook, or any of my normal over coffee activities. I got my coffee and my kindle and wrapped up in a big ol’ bathrobe and read for a few hours until I fell back to sleep in the recliner. I woke up sans voice, but also with a pretty annoying ear ache, sore throat, and achy joints. Really?

I do not have time for this kind of thing. No, really. I don’t. Needless to say, I stayed wrapped up, sipping hot tea and picking at my supper. I felt that I surely be bouncing out of bed this morning to race to the store to get a few things we need for the kitchen, a birthday gift for Whitney, and my camera ready for her party this afternoon. I mean, I don’t stay down for long, especially during pollen season. Ordinarily I have a snotty, itchy day, but wake up fine.

Not this morning. Today I have a fever, and I would love to whine about that, but nobody would hear me, anyway. I think my spouse is relieved that I can’t talk, because I have been mentally grousing about this all morning, simply because I rarely have plans over a weekend, but I did this weekend.

On the bright side, I was able to finish the second in the “American Rebellion” series by fellow blogger Roger Abramsky over at RMACTSC. I also switched gears and started and finished a romance trilogy by a writer I just discovered, Violet Duke, whose series is available for FREE download this week, in case you’re interested in checking her out.

When things like this happen, I can only believe that it’s because nature is telling me to slow down a little bit. We’ve had SO much going on over the past couple of weeks (and some of it fairly stressful) that a needed rest wasn’t something I was going to do voluntarily.

So when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Finish a book, discover a new author, kick up your feet and get caught up on your favorite bloggers, text your kid on the other side of the country, and RELAX! I am still kind of in awe of that fact that it’s March 30, and my youngest son sent me video of snow on and around his car out there in Nevada. Brrrrrr!

I’m curled up in the recliner with steaming cups of my favorite chai spiced tea coming as fast as I want them (thanks, Honey!), making myself enjoy the down time, because, honestly? I don’t really have a choice. I’m also thinking that I might get a little fiction written today, as well, assuming I can keep my eyes open.

So how about you? Do you run yourself crazy until you’re forced some R&R or do you pace yourself and schedule downtime in your life?

Until next time…


17 thoughts on “Way to Blow a Weekend

  1. Hope that this will pass! Ear aches in adults are kind of serious, Jules! I hope the loss of your voice didn’t drive you crazy! I feel you may be like I am, a big chatter! Hopefully, I will have my magic acceptance post tomorrow, April 2nd! I have been known not to follow the rules in the past, though! Smiles, Robin

    1. I’m good to go, Robin…called out on Monday, but ended up going in for a couple hours that afternoon, but back to my obnoxious self across the board today! And yes, the not talking was driving me NUTS, but I suspect the hubs enjoyed it while it lasted! LOL…♥

    1. I’m doing just that! After a dinner of eggplant lasagna (note to self – use ground turkey next time instead of Tofurkey, even if it DOES mean a special trip to the store), I promptly took a long snooze in the recliner. Next up? A nice bubble bath.

          1. I sooooo know what you mean! lol There is just something about that texture that I just can’t do, especially not in lasagna. 🙂 That’s ok though, it’ll be better next time! 🙂 And when you DO cook it again, have a bite for me please! I LOVE lasagna….I’m kinda like Garfield. lolol

            1. Oh, you bet! When I make the real deal, it is a nice hybrid of my mom’s recipe and the one my Sicilian grandma made. Traditionally it is our Christmas Eve dish, but because I’m trying to convert some of my high cal faves to lower calorie alternatives, I figured I would go ahead and use that Tofurkey. Eggplant does, however, make a great alternative to noodles, lol.

  2. Feel better Julie 🙂 I know it’s awful to be run down, but Rob is right, it’s your body’s way of telling you to slow up a little. When I’m sick, I feel sorry for myself for a while until I have to actually go to work. It’s not a fun time.
    Get plenty of rest!

  3. Your body is telling you to pull over for a bit and rest up! Yes, I get run down, then crash and burn. In an odd way I feel better when I do that, as if there was no other choice than to rest. It’s probably not the best way to find R&R, but when it happens, enjoy it to its fullest! Get better soon!!!!

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