Give ‘Em Salty Snacks! (The Gift of Uncomfortableness)

I couldn’t NOT reblog this. I hope that Liz’s words reach someone that needs to see them. ❤


Stubborn HorseThe last few months I’ve been getting support in a recovery group for those who love someone who struggles with addiction.

At first glance, I thought Hey, I’m not like these folks! They have issues. I’m in much better control than they are!

Ha! But something compelled me to go back just in case I was a little wrong. Uh-huh. By the second meeting, I heard some stories and thought to myself Dang! These folks have nearly the exact same story we do—different name, different day, same story. By the third meeting, I realized I was exactly like these people. Maybe they can teach me a thing or two.    Everything about recovery starts with this:

You are not in control. (Whether you are the addict or the one who loves them, REPEAT: You are not in control.) Only God is in control.

But being the loved one of an addict…

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10 thoughts on “Give ‘Em Salty Snacks! (The Gift of Uncomfortableness)

  1. Wow. Thank you for this thought-provoking post & great perspective. I love how you said we are not powerless in what happens to us! I think that applies to every aspect of our lives, including addiction. It really is overcoming your own mindset that is the hardest part. Thanks again for the great post!

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