Father’s Day Reflections

I apologize for skipping the Friday the 13th blog. I took some time off work and got distracted. That post will probably find its way to daylight later this week. That said…

My father and me at my wedding...

My father and me at my wedding…

It’s Father’s Day. I called my dad over there in Wine Country, California. It was a hard call to make.

My daddy and I were really close for a really long time. A situation came about a year ago that put a pretty large crack in our foundation. I didn’t blog it then, because it was pretty painful, and I don’t want to share the details now, either, because going through that again will make me cry harder.

I think I have talked to Dad this year fewer times than the number of fingers on my right hand (or my left one, if you are that detail oriented). That hurts me, because I used to be able to call and tell him anything. Ours was a ridiculously cool relationship. Now it is simply cool. By cool, I mean the opposite of warm. That doesn’t feel too good.

My dad will always be my hero, but things have changed in the dynamic of our relationship, and while I understand the hows and whys? It still doesn’t make it feel any less bad, if that makes any sense.

Dad was the one that piqued my interest in photography, got me thinking about more holistic approaches to Heath, and also turned me on to wine and the concept of wine making. My dad rocks. He waltzed with me at my wedding in 2003 to Jim Croce’s “Time In A Bottle” and I still get choked up when I hear that song.

I wish my daddy the best on this Father’s Day, and am glad he is happy and healthy. I won’t know what life will be like one day when he isn’t just a phone call away, even though those calls are few and far between. Even though things have happened over this past year, I feel blessed to know that he is still here.

To all of my friends that are dads, I wish you a Happy Father’s Day.

I love you, Daddy!

Till next time…

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6 Responses to Father’s Day Reflections

  1. I know how hard it is to have those times. My Dad and I have had a few times over the years that were way less than stellar, and we’re still not as close as we once were, but we do talk at least a couple of times a month or so. I hope that one day things will be good between you two again. Here’s a big hug for you {{{HUGS}}}, and it’s filled with love.

  2. silverliningsanddustbunnies says:

    Oh Julie! It is one of the most difficult times for the heart when a relationship that has been close goes “wrong” for awhile. And especially when the estrangement is with your Dad. My heart goes out to you, I know how hard it is. Love to you, my friend.

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