I’m Pissed at Cosmo…


I used to snap up every copy of Cosmopolitan magazine I could get my hands on. I loved the whole “empowerment of women” concept. The sexual freedom was sooooo appealing to me, being a young, newly-married female, and I was really thankful that we had such a publication that would let us women take a little control back.

Apparently, either I was wrong, or things have REALLY changed since then, and we have taken giant fucking strides backwards, as women.

I was chilling by the pool and came across the following post on Facebook:

Plus size? You're kidding, right?

Plus size? You’re kidding, right?

I Googled the article (which is here) and ended up posting the following comment on their Facebook page:

Way to go, Cosmo. NOT! Labeling women size 8 and up as “plus sized”? No wonder young girls have body image issues and eating disorders. This line is really pretty, Robyn Lawley is hot as hell, and this article’s headline could have been better titled. As a 40-something woman who works her tail off in the weight room who is happy to sport a size 8, I do not consider myself to be plus sized. Oh, right… unless you are comparing me to a size 0 runway model (realistic much?), in which case, sure I am bigger than that, but how dare you label women like this? For a publication that is supposed to empower women, I’m afraid you score a FAIL on this one, Cosmo!

I will be hard pressed to purchase another issue of Cosmo. After all, I am a year and nine days shy of having lived a half century, and think I can figure out how to make my man happy in the bedroom, thank you very much….

I am anti-body shaming, for sure, and this article’s headline portraying a beautiful, HEALTHY woman as plus sized? OMG, that pissed me off pretty bad!

At my heaviest, I WAS a size 20 (I know this because 18’s were too small) and longed to get back to a 10-12 so I could feel better about myself. Saying anything over an 8 is “plus-sized” (which I am now) is insulting. With a capital F.

Here is my “plus sized” midriff… (Are they still even calling abs that?)

Because I am SUCH a plus size and all that shit.

Because I am SUCH a plus size and all that shit.


57 thoughts on “I’m Pissed at Cosmo…

  1. Oh man Julie, I am SO glad you wrote this. I feel the exact same. It is ridiculous. I mean, look at that girl. She’s stunning. She probably farts butterflies. You da gurl!

    1. Raising my glass (of water on the rocks) to you, my friend! 😀 I don’t know why that annoyed me like it did. Maybe because when I WAS a plus size I would have killed to be a 10 or an 8…I don’t dig the labeling, I guess, and to label someone based on size of clothing just seems off kilter to me.

      1. *clink clink* Cheers! lol We should be drinking our water in large wine glasses just to make it more fun! lol

        I totally know why it annoyed you. The same reason it annoys me. They are the whole reason people have negative thoughts about body image and eating disorders and everything in between. The movies stars of way back when were 12’s and 14’s and no one even thought about calling them “plus” sizes; and they were gorgeous! I’m with you that you shouldn’t label someone based on a size. I was dying to get back in a 10 or shoot, even a 12, myself not that long ago….it is totally off kilter. I did see something recently about Tim Gunn (I think that’s his name) saying that he didn’t like that and that this years show (I’ve actually never watched it) would be dedicated to what runway people call plus sized. I’m glad someone out there cares about us normal sized people.

  2. Do you think Cosmo is trolling with an article like that? Either it is, or the editorial staff, in my professional medical opinion, is bonkers. On a side note, Jules, I must say that your midriff is pretty impressive. 🙂

                1. Bro! OMG! I have been crazy busy! Planning and then DOING the first ness challenge, and the. Started a course to become certified as a trainer, so it kind of goes like this: get up, day job, home, work out, deal with challenge forums questions, eat, study, sleep. Rinse, repeat. Going to blog about it, just not tonight…because… *sigh* bedtime again! already! 😉 missing my blog peeps, tho! ❤

                  1. Here she is! FINALLY! Good to see you, sis! You really need to set your life’s priorities better and prioritize blogging above all else. 😉 We miss you too, Jules, hope to see you back soon!

  3. I’m with you…I used to love cosmo in college. I’m trying to remember if it’s my perception or the magazine that has changed. I stopped buying cosmo when it seemed like every article was about how you could change yourself to be appealing to a man…..A size 8 is definitely not plus sized. Beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes. You’re beautiful and you have a fantastic midriff!! 🙂

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