Catching Up…

Summer = busy days!

Summer = busy days!

I know I have been less than present this past week or so, and I do apologize, but that whole life-thing? Yeah, that.

This past month has been something of a lesson in irony appreciation.

I have been down hard since right after posting the Yoga blog. Something happened to the temp crown (the crown tech said she wasn’t sure where her head was when she put it in, which tells me, whoops, her bad), and I had an exposed nerve that was causing a lot of pain, so I was pretty much up for three days straight between the actual pain and then the reaction I had to the pain medication. That the “fix” was no better than where I’d been prior to going back to the dentist made eating actual food something I wasn’t having, so the past week has been a veritable suck-fest. It will be a while before I can look at soup, grits, or oatmeal the same way, again. 😀

So after having missed two half days at the office, I changed my four day weekend into a three day weekend when I opted to work Friday. Hey, it’s just as easy to be miserable at the office as it was at the house and figured I’d save that vacation day for another time. Spent most of my weekend pretty much holed up in my room with a remote in my hand and anti-inflammatory meds within reach. I did get poolside long enough on Saturday to visit with my husband’s nephew and his girlfriend (the nephew’s, not my husband’s, ha ha).  It was lovely seeing him again, as it had been years since we’d had a visit. He reminds me a lot of his mom (hi, Sis!).

It's what's for dinner. LOL...

It’s what’s for dinner. LOL…

So I was home Monday for my birthday because, really? Nobody wants to deal with payroll and Monday office drama on their day, so that was a no-brainer, for sure. No, I didn’t have the grilled steak I’d had my heart set on, but I didn’t have the alternative, either, which was Gerber beef with A-1 sauce mixed in. I did have a ridiculously yummy (and soft) sauteed calamari and stewed yellow squash from the garden, and allowed myself a couple vodka tonics, and took a rain check on the cow. That’ll be what’s REALLY for dinner on the 4th! 🙂 I enjoyed some pool time, and a quiet day with the hubs, which is always nice.

Back to the dentist again yesterday to have the permanent crown put on, and we are kind of waiting to see if the pain goes away. So far, I can eat real food, so that is a plus, but they said if the jaw starts to throb again? I’ll be back for a root canal.  Go to the dentist, they said. It’ll be fine, the said. Whatevs. She Who Shall Not Be Named called me the other day and asked if I thought it was ironic that the girl with the irrational fear of dentists has been in the chair more than most of her friends combined this year.

So I am busting tail to catch up at work and busting tail to catch up on my fitness challenge, which I am way behind on, because I lost a few days. Truth be told? I am just not that motivated to sit in front of a computer when there is gardening, swimming, and playing to be done. I’m slack like that in the summer.

I am also behind on awards, and while I thank all of you who have thrown Musings into the awards hat, I am going to be taking a hiatus from doing them. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, which sounds funny, considering summer has the longest days of the year, but it’s true! By the time I get home from work, it seems like only an hour or so has passed and it’s after 11 and I need to carry my butt to bed.

I had a lovely post on aging bouncing around in my head Monday night, but it just never made it from my brain to my fingertips, so it’s gone, much like a lot of the ideas I get, these days, LOL…The temps rise and my creativity takes a nose dive.

So yes, I’m still out here. Yes, I’m way behind on my writing, and even more behind on my reading, but I’ll catch up.

Till next time…

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13 Responses to Catching Up…

  1. silverliningsanddustbunnies says:

    Julie- Happy Birthday! Not the best way to spend it. Hope the dentist thing resolves, I know it’s not your favorite place. Take care, and soooooooo good to hear from you.

  2. Sorry about the crown affair, Julie… 😕 hopefully cow will soon be back on the menu!!

  3. Take some time to recover and to enjoy the nice weather. We’ll all still be here when you come back fully.

  4. weight2lose2013 says:

    Timing is everything, Jules. Nothing like have possible dental surgery on the 4th of July weekend. I hope that your new crown settles that nerve down and you don’t have to go back for the root canal. Have fun in the sun and catch up when you can.

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