Canned & Dehydrated…

No, I didn’t get fired, and my water consumption is good, but I made ya look, right?

Our pepper plants are putting out more than the corner hooker this year.

20140727-173536-63336897.jpgI scored a fantastic canning pot on Friday and went to work putting up five more half-pints of pickled jalapeños and three pints of hot bananas. I wanted to review the recipe I used and mentioned last weekend, so I cracked one of last week’s jars of the mixed, and holy crap, y’all! Those are some really flavorful peppers. While they are on the soft side, they held their heat, and the vinegar/salt/oregano brine compliments the peppers’ flavor beautifully!

Note to self: use the alum and rinse next batch.

Because I still had quite a few hot bananas left, I got a little motivated today and sliced them length-wise, leaving some seeds, and threw them onto two dehydrator racks at 125 degrees Farenheit. Theoretically, I should be able to make dried pepper flakes out of these. Usually people use cayenne for these, but I didn’t even THINK about dried pepper flakes when we planted this spring, so I figured, why not? 20140727-173717-63437921.jpgIf they suck? It wasn’t a total waste. We can call it a learning experience. I don’t think I could have eaten that many more peppers fresh, so it won’t be a total waste, but I am hoping they will turn out alright. I’m thinking I can use them in marinades, salad dressings, Mexican dishes, etc. anywhere a little heat might be needed.

I am posting this from my tablet, using the mobile app, so I apologize in advance for how the layout is going to probably be wonky, but better a wonky post than no post at all, right?

What do you all do with a surplus of homegrown stuff?

Until next time…

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10 Responses to Canned & Dehydrated…

  1. weight2lose2013 says:

    My baby bells are about 3 feet tall and loaded with peppers. Tomatoe-tone, blackstrap molasses and lots of water keeps them growing for me. Where’ve ya been?????

    • Where I’ve been: At the office trying to get that promotion, in the gym, in the yard, in the pool, on the road, knee-deep in energy draining family drama, building a new 12-week fitness challenge with a friend, in the yard, in the kitchen and sleeping occasionally. 🙂 LOL…

      Where I haven’t been much: On Facebook, behind a lens, in front of a computer after hours, writing (anything: my long fiction piece, short stories, or blog), at the mall, at the beach.

      My writing goes south when the weather is nice, simply because there are that many more chores in the yard, plus swimming. 😉 And honestly? If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all, and I haven’t had a whole lotta nice to say lately. 😉

      Blackstrap molasses, huh? Mixed with water?

      • weight2lose2013 says:

        Just missing you, sis! 🙂 Yeah, the blackstrap molasses (unsulfured) feeds the mycorrhizae that lives in organic soils. The healthier and well fed the mycorrhizae are, the more plant food is available for the plants. The molasses is basically carbs for the mycorrhizae.

        • Ok, so I need to totally look into that for my bells next year…They are producing, but not like the hot peppers… 🙂

          I am SOOOOOO ready for a vacation…only three weeks till mine, but … I am not patient. So much to do and this silly ol’ day job…It keeps me away from the REALLY important things… 😀

  2. Queen of Mean says:

    No time for a garden this year and we sure do miss it! Do you know how to make red-pepper jelly? Someone here in our small town makes some that is TO DIE FOR, but doesn’t sell it, just brings it to certain celebrations.

    Also, think about making some good old-fashioned Southern pimento cheese spread. There are some great recipes online. We did that the past couple of years and it was mighty tasty. Put that garbage they sell in the grocery store to shame.

    • I still have last year’s jalapeño jelly in the fridge.

      Next year I will also do milder peppers, like pimento. Everything this year was screaming hot, lol. Last year’s crop was scarce compared to this year! (What can I say? I like it spicy, lol! 😉 )

  3. I planted my peppers and they have grown about 6 inches tall….That’s it. No taller. By the time they get big enough to produce peppers I will have grown old and started farting dust.

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