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Wine Making – Part Deux

Hi, Wine Lovers! Since we last posted we racked our wine. That is not to say that it went as smoothy as it could. Yours truly is not exactly a non-clutz, so there¬†was some wine-thief spillage that sullied the table, … Continue reading

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Wine Making 101 – Part 1

So I mentioned a couple posts ago that we obtained about a hundred pounds of Noble muscadine grapes. My dad made crap-tons of homemade wines. So did my grandfather…and my great-grandfather actually had a pretty cool winery in Sicily, which … Continue reading

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The Down-Side to the Electronic Age

This isn’t going to be one of those happy-go-lucky posts I usually try to do. Yesterday I had an “ah-hah” moment, and not a good one. A friend of mine received a text message yesterday morning after breakfast break conveying … Continue reading

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