Annnnnd….I’m Bored…

Nothing like a little immobility to drive a person nuts. Or in my case, further around the bend.

I have spent the bulk of my time, since about 10 pm last Thursday night, sitting on my keister, collecting dust, and burning about as many calories as a paperweight. 😦

Friday I mostly stayed in the recliner, as happily medicated as I could be, getting up only to do one legged commode squats.

Saturday was more of the same, only I moved to the couch, which allowed more room for the fur kids to still hang out with me but not be ON me.

Sunday? Lather, rinse, repeat.

Monday…more of the same, only I chose to hang out in the bedroom, watching Walking Dead and then Talking Dead. I also had my tablet with me and played more Facebook games than a body has a right to in a given short period of time. I MFP’d, FB’d, message boarded with some of my friends and talked to one of the girls at work.

Yesterday…new boot, grazed and blogged.

Today? Today I am over it. I cleared a Candy Crush level I’d been stuck on for the better part of a year, cleared another two or three, got stuck and then got bored. Tried to kill some more time hitting up my other “favorite” games, and found that wasn’t holding my attention, either. TV? Not so much.

My chair! <3

My chair! ❤

I never thought I would say this, but I will be so happy to grace the office with my presence tomorrow. I’ll have boat loads of stuff to do, all from the comfort of my awesome office chair. It’s ergonomically correct, you know.

I haven’t worked out in over a week, obviously, and it dawned on me today that I relied a lot more heavily on exercise than I ever gave it credit for. I mean, it actually defined me. Last week at this time I was a lifting, fit, 3 pounds from ultimate goal weight, Zumba Core loving maniac. Today? I am a paperweight with too much time on my hands.

I was supposed to be starting a four week mini-fitness challenge on Sunday. I am one of the leaders/moderators of that group. I have just enough butt hurt over being injured to find it hard to find the joy in watching. I experienced fitness-related jealousy for the first time in my life this morning. I’m not a bad person; just one who loved her workout routine and is impatient to get back at it and it’s only been six days. Not even a week!

I am aware that if I were to ever win the lottery, or somehow become independently wealthy (not something I expect to fall into my lap), I would have to keep some kind of job, or do something that would allow me to be mobile, healthy and active. Or at least keep my brain engaged.

Today I was able to browse my WordPress Reader and see who’s posting what. One of my favorite blogs, FIT AND FEMINIST, featured a post about writer’s block; something I’ve been struggling with, lately, myself. I left a comment sympathizing with her, as I’ve been quite slack in my own writing universe and am hoping that being benched will allow me to open my eyes and find interesting and blog-worthy subjects to write about. It would keep me far from being bored.

Well, I’ve killed about 20 minutes. I think I’m going to pick up the book my mom gave me a few weeks ago…It’s called “wild” by Cheryl Strayed. I was saving it for a rainy day, and I think it is officially pouring.

Until next time…


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6 Responses to Annnnnd….I’m Bored…

  1. So, go back and read ALL of my earlier posts – that should take you an hour or two, and I guarantee it won’t be boring. 🙂 Good luck at work tomorrow. After about half an hour, you’ll feel like you were there all along.

  2. weight2lose2013 says:

    Well, sis, the way that I see it is that you’ll have PLENTY of time to blog now. 😀 I hope that the meds are keeping the pain at bay.

    • Yeah, frogs are good, Bro. I’m sure there will be much to share in the coming weeks. 😉

      • Wait…frogs? WTH, auto correct? Drugs…Drugs are good. I mean, there is nothing wrong with frogs, either, especially those cute tree frogs that will surprise you and jump at you and stick to your face, causing you to jump back and scream, but that wouldn’t be a good scenario right now…so I vote drugs…Which I am finding less and less frequent use for, so that’s good news, too. Frogs??? Sheesh… //SMDH//

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