DIY December IV

Do It Yourself, yo!

Do It Yourself, yo!

This whole “being benched” concept has been really good for my creativity.

I have been a hooking fiend. Yes…I’m a hooker. *snicker*

This since I posted last, I completed three scarves, two pairs of baby booties (did I mention the Hubs’ daughter is expecting and she tagged me on Pinterest and I HAD to attempt my first baby booties EVER, because she loved them?), a pair of slipper socks for myself, and started another variegated afghan for our grand baby-to-be.

At any rate, the past seven days have been kind of a whirlwind.

Did the day job for two days (oh, poor me), went to the in-laws’ for supper on Tuesday night, went to our favorite pork place on Christmas Eve morning to get a country ham and some fresh sausage for the freezer (and my mom and sister), then off to get gift bags, tissue paper, dog food (because it gets REALLY ugly around here when we run out of dog food on the day that all the stores are closed), alcohol (what to get the guy who either has everything or you don’t know what to REALLY get him for Christmas, or you’re just not that comfortable buying weed…), and resealable freezer bags just because you know you’re going to need them to freeze some of the spoils you nailed at Nahunta.

Once all the wrapping and bagging was complete, I settled in to do some more crochet, at which point I finished some of the aforementioned projects.

Curled up on the couch, I looked forward to 8:00, when I knew “A Christmas Story” was coming on, and knocked out a few more projects. It was rainy and unusually warm for December 24…Like, close to 70 degrees during the day. Yeah, I hate to say it, but we had to run the air conditioner that day…

Christmas DinnerChristmas came and we went to mom’s house. We exchanged gifts, ate to our hearts’ content (because any day ham is involved is a good day), and visited. It’s always good to spend some time with the family.

I think it’d been over a year since we’d seen my soon-to-be brother-in-law (STBBIL?), and it was also great to be in the presence of The Christmas Tree. I didn’t think it would be possible, but I really missed having ours up this year.

We then raced home to meet my step-kid and her fiancé, exchanged gifts, and made plans to meet up the following afternoon, which we did, until he had to go to work and she stayed to hang out with the seniors until the wee hours of the morning. She also brought us another DIY project…Eeyore.

SweetPea has had Eeyore since she was a baby, and I’ve done my fair share of stitching, stuffing, mending, re-stitching and associated cosmetic surgery on this beloved Disney guy. Poor Eeyore. SweetPea’s puppy got ahold of him and the results aren’t pretty. Her dad and I promised we would do our best to repair our old friend, so she brought him to our place for “donkey rehab.” Before and afters coming soon.

So, below are some pictures of the projects I knocked out this week. I was tickled (not ticked, thanks auto-correct…) to find a grown-up slipper pattern very similar to the one my grandmother used to crochet all of us slippers every Christmas. I used some scrap yarn to do the prototype and then added a “sock” cuff (of my own doing, mind you) and am looking forward to creating some more, as well as “Grandma’s booties” for some of the family.

Until Next Time….Welcome, 2015!



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7 Responses to DIY December IV

  1. Those adult booties look soooo warm. Is the pattern published anywhere that I could find it?

    • They really ARE warm, and I am typing up the pattern for them right now and will post a blog with a picture or two in just a short bit. 🙂 Thank you for asking! I altered a seed stitch slipper, replacing the treble crochet with double, shortened the length a little bit, and then cast on after I stitched up the back of the bootie with a pattern from my own little brain that I tried, pulled out, re-worked, and decided I liked. 🙂 Stay tuned! 😉

    • PS…Just published the pattern. Enjoy! Send pics if you do them, ok? I want to do another pair in dark plum with the extra ridge. 🙂 xoxo! ❤

  2. Hey where is my crocheted booties? I got dibs. Size 5, greenish

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