Green Light, GO!!!!!!!

Except that I'm going to be running like my butt is on fire sooner rather than later.

Except that I’m going to be running like my butt is on fire sooner rather than later.

I FINALLY got to go see my awesome doctor over at the orthopedic office this afternoon for what we all hoped was my final follow-up after my unfortunate ankle mishap in November…Nine. Long. Weeks. Ago….

I was X-rayed, again, and by now, I have the drill down…Point your toes toward your head, turn it this way, turn it the other way, keeping knee on the table, yadda, yadda, yadda…

Now, any of you that saw my meltdown…errr…pity-party post from last Saturday night knows that the offending body part keeps swelling up, feeling bruised, and experiencing sharp pains both where the break was and also the opposite side. This obviously bothered me enough that I blogged about it after having a humongous ugly-cry.

Given all that, I went in there all grades of stressed out that I’d overdone it and re-injured it or something equally stupid because that’s just me, and I’m used to things like that.

Ready to laugh? Yeah, thought ya might be…

Seems that I wasn’t doing ENOUGH. Yes, that’s right. My activity level would go in fits and spurts. I’d be all over the building one day, and stressed because I might have overworked it, so I’d stay off it the next…Then it would be a normal movement day, and then the following day it’d be swollen and sore. Apparently, wrapping it and staying off of it last weekend didn’t do it any favors, either, especially since Tuesday & yesterday I was all over the place and had to soak it in a hot tub with a big glass of Shiraz last night. Not, mind you, that I am complaining about drinking Shiraz in a hot bubble bath. πŸ˜‰

The trick is regular activity. Every day. And I mean, EVERY day…So it’s going to be a lot of floor calf raises, hot dates with my treadmill, Zumba as soon as I can actually, you know, hop/jump on it without excessive pain, and (YAY) WEIGHT LIFTING!!!!!!!! (Because there has been a bit of an iron deficiency here over the past nine weeks.)

Plus, new weight room, which is cool, because the hubs was starting that project right before I took a dive. Of course, everything happens for a reason, and maybe this kept me out of there long enough that he could make it JUST perfect for me. Who knows?

I got the green light, zero restrictions. No more wraps, elastic supports, or anything. I’m healed, y’all, and I have never been so happy to be told I’m normal in my life!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a hot date with my treadmill.

Tell me about your injuries…How well did you heal? Did you follow Doctor’s orders? How did you rehab to get back to normal?



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8 Responses to Green Light, GO!!!!!!!

  1. weight2lose2013 says:

    The only thing that I had that was comparable was neck surgery. I had to be somewhat immobile and NOT have any activity for a few weeks. I liked that rehab! lol So, now that you have a date with the treadmill, can all of us fans look forward to that Princess Leia costume by Halloween? πŸ˜€

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