You Never Really Know Whose Lives You Touch…

This is definitely going to be filed under “Random Thoughts.”

So I’d had a few glasses of vino after my jog n’ blog last night and headed for bed. The hubs had put the classic rock music station on to crash to, and all of a sudden, after “Going to California” by Zeppelin (which reminds me of my long time partner-in-crime, Allison, because we experienced a LOT of our escapades to Led Zeppelin…) and “Go Ask Alice” by Jefferson Airplane (at least I think they were still Airplane, then), a very old favorite of mine came on; Genesis’ “Follow You, Follow Me.”

Lying there in a relaxed, wine-induced haze, all kinds of memories came flooding back to me.

I had a major crush on a guy…we’ll call him Brett, since that was his name (it is STILL his name, because, unless you’ve committed a major crime as a male, you have no reason to change your name, right?). He was a pianist. An exceptional pianist, actually, if memory serves. I was a sophomore and he was a junior, or maybe even a senior. I don’t remember…cut me some slack, as it has been over thirty years ago and some change.

Kinda like his car...

Kinda like his car…

At any rate, he drove a bright yellow Mercury Capri, not unlike the one pictured, although I remember them looking much more cool than that…I also remember him taking me to a piano-related “thing” in Hayward. We didn’t date long. I’m not sure if I can actually refer to that short time span as “dating.” I do seem to remember him gracefully bowing out of whatever it was we were doing, by way of not asking me to further engagements, although I do seem to remember maybe having had gone to a movie with him, which, quite possibly, may have been “The Kids Are Alright,” or “Quadrophenia,” both of which were movies about The Who. Whether he took me to it/those or not, HE was the one that REALLY introduced me to The Who.

Which brings me to my point; this guy, who was adorable with his curly hair, strong jaw, and piano magic (I was a music geek, least we forget), turned me on to Genesis and The Who, both of whom have featured selections in the soundtrack of my life. I mean, big time, hard-core selections…Don’t get me started…

Being the Interwebz stalker that I can occasionally be, I put his name in the little search bar in Facebook and pulled him up immediately, along with a dozen others sharing his name. The dead give-away was the profile that had a few mutual friends from our high school. I perused his photos, and, yup. Same strong jaw, same eyes, but all the curls have been cropped short.

He seems to have an amazing life (almost as amazing as mine) with a gorgeous wife and an adorable child. He has a little grey, just like most of us from that generation, but still cute, because my memory for “cute” is practically infallible.

Did I send him a friend request? No. Why? Because this wasn’t a case of unrequited love, or anything like that. It was more of a “just wanted to make sure a person that affected my musical tastes was upright, breathing and okay” kind of thing.

Which brings me back to my blog title… After all these years, he wasn’t a blip on my radar until I heard a single song that took me back. I am quite sure if someone dropped my name to him, he would say, “Who?” I’m fairly sure I am not even half of a blip on his past radar.

All of that said…you never know how you will reach someone during your interaction, no matter how brief.

I guess what I am trying to say is this: put positivity out there, because you never know what kind of effect or influence you will have on someone.

With that, I leave you with this…

Until next time…

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4 Responses to You Never Really Know Whose Lives You Touch…

  1. weight2lose2013 says:

    Great story, Princess L…, er, Jules. I think that you did the right thing with not friending him on Facebook. I know this sounds irrational, but I feel things in the past should be left there. There are times that I fantasize about seeing my first true love again. The sad reality is that we met in our teens and left each other in our twenties. I prefer to have my wonderful memories of a smile frozen in time, and tender moments replayed only in my imagination. I know that, should I see her again, that she’ll look and act differently, alienating any fond memories I had of her. I love The Who! I have a book recommendation for you. It’s called “What you want is in the limo”. I am a music history junkie, and this was a keeper:

    • I agree with you…leave the past in the past…I mean after 30+ years, what would we possibly have to talk about, never mind spouses wondering the same thing. He can keep his semi-radar blip status as a memory just as it is. Sometimes, though, you kinda want to know that they are okay and not…//whispers// dead. Because one of them IS, from my understanding and that shook me up.

      I am going to check out that book because it looks like it will be right up my alley. 🙂

      • weight2lose2013 says:

        I hadn’t checked FB for old friends or classmates, but I usually have someone call me and say “remember so and so?, well, they passed away 3 months ago”. It shakes me, too, because I feel it’s my age group, my past. Never a good thing!

        Awesome! You like the Who, you’ll lurve the book!

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