Wine Win!!!!!

Hell Hath No Fury Red - 1st Edition, vintage 2014.

Hell Hath No Fury Red – 1st Edition, vintage 2014.

So we gave some “Hell Hath No Fury” red to some friends and family. These are some of the comments we’ve recieved since handing out a few bottles:

Our grape provider: “I’m not a wine drinker, but my wife will love this.”

Dennis (who is my friend and my better half’s former boss): I love this…zipped through two bottles. Don’t change a thing! When can I get another bottle?”

Mom: “It was good, but really dry…but I found a fix. I diluted it with a little white..”

And my be-all-end-all favorite comment to date from my dear sister-in-law (aka Sissy): “The flavors…there were three…one was a ‘merlot-type” dryness, but then there was that grape flavor; you know. The kind that brings you back to your childhood. Bare feet in the warm soil, sun on your face, picking grapes and popping them in your mouth? Then the dry merlot-type of dry. This was good. Don’t change a damned thing…”j

So yeah….Apparently “Hell Hath No Fury” red is a hit. 🙂

The fact that this first batch hit an emotional chord with Sissy made me really proud, but at the same time? It mad me sorry I added the two additional cups of sugar to the second batch. Next time, apparently, about a cup less sugar.

So because I wanted to see where batch #2 was, I stole some via the wine thief. It’s dry, but not too dry. The last two cups of sugar gave it a little sweetness that off-set the uber-dry that is our first batch’s signature. Note to self: ease off on the sugar when trying to replicate the first batch.

It’s not a bad “semi-dry” wine, but then, I am partial.

Wait until they try our mead.

Muwahahahahahaha…. > : )j

So…wine for the win…

Until next time

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12 Responses to Wine Win!!!!!

  1. Sheliah Wall says:

    I am “sissy” ahem. I can only say how very “proud” of Julie and crew for her blossoming wine making skills. I had just been sentenced to 3 more weeks of no weight on my broken leg/ankle. I was hoping to get an air boot like Sis had but it was not to be. So I dove into her handmade bath products and popped a bottle of wine. It was quite an experience – never had any wine like that! Like having a conversation in your mouth and mind. It was very very very good! Bravo Sis!!!

    • 🙂 ❤ Thank you, Sissy!

      • Sheliah Wall says:

        The downside is I only have 1 bottle left! !! I’ve selected the recipe for the dinner I want to drink it with: Roasted Butternut Squash with Ricotta Gnocchi. Now I just need a dinner guest – hehehe! It’s really hard just looking at that bottle everyday and NOT getting the cork screw out – trying hard to be patient !!!!
        But good things come to those who wait and it sure came true on this adventure. Thanks again Sis, you’re the best!

  2. weight2lose2013 says:

    I can only imagine the pride that you must feel with getting such excellent reviews for your wine. Is the mead ready to drink yet?

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