Oh, Gawd…Winter Weather + Me?

This sums it up - StayPuft, snow, and disaster. ;)

This sums it up – StayPuft, snow, and disaster. 😉

Holy balls, y’all…

My little Eastern North Carolina county is under a winter storm warning. I was totally down with this because my boss (who grew up in Minnesota and knows how to deal) was going to pick me up and make sure his right hand would be at work at 0700 in the morning.

*Sob* He called me tonight to let me know that he has a VA appointment tomorrow so he won’t be able to chauffeur me to work. OMG!!!!!

Seriously? Omg…I need to be in to the office by 7. Like in the A.M. *sigh*

This takes me back to the early winter of 1984. I was a California girl living in Lubbock. My then-spouse needed to be at work by 7:00 a.m. and I had an OB appointment at the base hospital at 8:00 or so that morning. OMG… //headdesk//

This is SOOOO me…Work related, weather related. life related. *sigh*

I will never forget the first time I drove on ice. I was 19. We had NO idea that it was icy…We got up, didn’t turn the tv on that morning (sue me…we only had one TV and it wasn’t in the bedroom…) someone had said something about freezing rain, but of course, I didn’t know what that was, having just moved to West Texas from California…Pulled out onto 4th Street to take #1 Son’s dad to work on base, and get myself to my OB00 appointment. Imagine my surprise when I went to brake for the red light at Quaker and spun right through… Thank goodness it was six in the morning… That was some scary shit, yo. Just sayin’.

Needless to say, I crept us all the way to the base between 5 & 10 MPH all the way there…And then to find out the hospital had closed for the day due to inclement weather.

I am SOOOO hating winter, right about...NOW... >:(

I am SOOOO hating winter, right about…NOW… 😡

Anyway, that experience has given me a really healthy respect to Winter Weather (notice the Caps, Winter Weather? Remember that respect when I try to get my sorry West Coast ass in to work by 0700 tomorrow, okay?

If you haven’t heard from me in the next seven days, I’m probably dead. Tell them to look on US-70 eastbound all the way to Wayne Memorial Drive…I’ll probably be frozen in a 99 Chevy Silverado. It’s white. With an extended cab. Maybe they can thaw me out?

OMG…We really have to go out in this sh!t?

Pray for me.

Until next time…hoping there IS a next time…

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12 Responses to Oh, Gawd…Winter Weather + Me?

  1. They declared a state of emergency here today. People drive like lunatics in decent weather and they can’t be trusted in snow and ice. It’s like four wide on the last lap at Daytona. Throw some bags of Kitty litter in the vehicle. It will help with weight and it might be useful if you get stuck.

    • I have heard that about Kitty litter…(I am not dead, LOL…) The VA appointment was cancelled and the boss came to get me, which was awesome! Our truck had been running almost 45 minutes and it still hadn’t thawed…

  2. The V-Pub says:

    90 inches here so far this year. I’m so done….

  3. We’ve been dealing with it for weeks now, but then we are used to it and know how to drive in it. I hate it when southerners come up north during the winter and then think they’re going to drive around the city. I’d laugh at them, but usually I’m too busy trying to avoid their skids.

    Seriously, though, Julie – be very careful out there. Winter driving is not something to scoff at, especially if it’s unusual for your area.

    • PS: Putting some weight in the back of that truck might help. Got any sandbags handy?

    • You know, after that winter in Lubbock, I learned how to drive in snow and on ice. My second ex was from Ohio, so I got some killer lessons. That said? I am still frightened of going out, because the natives don’t get it.

      The hubs and I have been wracking our brains about what we can throw in the truck bed to weigh that sucker down.

      I have a front wheel drive Toyota Solara that may make it to work, but I just paid her off, so I am scares of taking her out in the general population.

      Gahhhhh I hate winter so much!

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