The Neighbors…Revisited

Ours never look this good, tho...

Ours never look this good, tho…

As I write this, I fervently hope that my neighbors do not follow my blog. *snicker*

That said, “The Neighbors” have been a frequent subject of my blogs. As many of you know, the house next door is a rental. I posted the backstory on the Greenes and Creepy Peepy a few years ago.

When Creepy Peepy left, the party animal neighbors moved in and were fodder for many of my posts. You may remember when they partied into the wee hours of the morning and our yard became a partial parking lot and out house. Or maybe you remember them setting fire to the front porch? And then…THEN they moved out!!!!!

We had a new set of people move in the following fall. They were nice enough. When they needed something. They were also quiet, and we appreciated that more than anything. And then…then they moved out sometime last fall. The house sat vacant for several months until about a month ago. I mentioned them at the tail end of my Valentine’s Day-related post. Enter “The Neighbors; Redux.”

They moved in over the last Friday & Saturday of last month. They came that Saturday with a huge moving truck, which they immediately sunk in the ditch in the front yard. An industrial strength wrecker came and towed it out at the end of the day. This was the start of a trend. I submit to you photo #1 of what I suspect may be a series of them:

"How to Plant a Car"? Start of a trend?

“How to Plant a Car”? Start of a trend?

Yes, the above is what I came home to see yesterday. My boss drove us to and from work and he and his other passenger were like, “WTF?” And I gave them the condensed story of our history with the house next door.

I am hoping that they will be entertaining, yet not obnoxious.

I’ll keep you posted. Will be interesting to see what the warmer months will bring…muwahahah!

Until Next Time…

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10 Responses to The Neighbors…Revisited

  1. The V-Pub says:

    I’m so hoping that your new neighbors are interesting!

    • OMG, I know! I figure with warmer weather approaching…

      So check this out: You saw where the PT Cruiser is in the picture, right? Well, it is on the far right side of the driveway. On the far left is an Impala, followed by Ford SUV#1, followed by Ford SUV#2. Now, the car and SUV#1 can’t get out by normal means because the PT is planted on the right and SUV#2 is on the left…

      Yet, when I went out to warm up my car this morning, SUV#2 was covered in ice and the neighbor was thawing out SUV#1, and scraping ice off the windows.

      I had to leave for work, so I have NO idea how this played out. All I know is that in order for #1 to leave without moving the other vehicles, it would have to leave by way of MY front yard, where my little crepe myrtles are…at least I HOPE that they’re still there…

      Just sayin’…

  2. ha, ha, ha, ha! Aren’t neighbors fun? My next door neighbor just drove around for 4 days with her trunk lid ajar (in minus-0 weather!). We thought perhaps she had a fender bender or something, but no, on the 5th day she realized the trunk wasn’t latched and fixed it.

    I’m sure you’ve seen my post about my neighbors, but if not, here it is: [thanks for letting me slip that in!]

  3. The people who move in there are not terribly bright…

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