The Neighbors: The Androgynous Edition

Kinda like the other neighbor...

Kinda like the other neighbor…

Do y’all remember Pat from Saturday Night Live? Pat was the individual that we never could quite pin down by gender.

We have 3.5 rental homes in our little neighborhood. I reference the .5 because the house across the street and to the left is supposed to become a rental, but the owners still live there.

At any rate, two houses down on the other side of the home that housed the original “Neighbors,” is another rental. Had I been blogging back in 02-03 I could have told you stories about drug dealers and the bust that came complete with a SWAT team, but I digress. (And I live in a fairly rural area…go figure…)

The individual that lives there now? We can’t tell the gender of this person. It could totally go either way. This person, we will call him/her, “Pat,” wears jeans and tee shirts. There are what could be breasts, or perhaps they are simply moobies (man-boobies). Pat doesn’t talk to anyone, and keeps to him/herself. There are rarely any other cars in the driveway.

We just have NO idea...

We just have NO idea…

Last weekend Pat was walking from the shed in the back yard to the house and I may have seen a five o’clock shadow, but at that distance I simply couldn’t be sure. Perhaps it was just the way the shadows were falling at that time of morning.

Unlike the rest of the neighbors, when you pass Pat on the road there is no wave, which is unusual, as most of us at least acknowledge each other. This sends the signal that Pat might want to be left alone, which is why none of us regulars have made any attempt to go knock on the door with a plate of cookies in hand.

Pat is, however, quiet and introverted, and there is much to be said for a neighbor like that. This basically equates to tomb-like quiet on weekend nights. Pat has lived there a good six months and NOBODY knows who he or she is.

When the ex and I purchased this house back in ’97, we picked it because it was a brand new little “subdivision” on a cul-de-sac, thinking that it would be ideal for block parties and the like. Not so much. Apparently our circa 1970’s thought process didn’t work in a 90’s world, LOL…

With the exception of my neighbors on the other side and the ones across the street (she was the one I was in almost constant contact with pertaining to the original Neighbors, plus our kids were in cheer together), we don’t know ANYONE in our neighborhood of 11 little homes. In a way, that kind of makes me sad. On the other hand, nobody knows our business, and that can be a good thing.

How close to your neighbors are you? Do you know the majority or minority of the people in your neighborhood? So now I have to place the following video in this post…because it’s the song that plays in my head every time I think about how I don’t know the people in my neighborhood. I figured y’all could use the ear-worm, too. 😉

Talk to me about your neighbors.

Till Next Time…

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11 Responses to The Neighbors: The Androgynous Edition

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  2. The V-Pub says:

    We have 2 families we socialize with, but one of which who likes to crash my tanning sessions….

  3. I am a renter in an older-aged neighborhood- the neighbors tend to not like us because we rent. On other notes, there is one nice family we wave to. Everyone else sucks- they even complain about music at 5PM on a Saturday 🙂 I will be moving when my lease is up.



    • Hi, Jess! I don’t “hate” renters, as a rule…we’ve had some really great people next door…except for that one batch that inspired my “The Neighbors” series. I’m totally ok with music, crowds, etc…until 2 or three in the morning…or later…on Sunday nights, LOL…

      We throw our fair share of parties during the summer months and the volume kicks up a good bit on the weekends.

      Hey! Are you implying that I’m “older aged”?? LOL 😉 (Okay, maybe I kinda am, but I’m not dead, yet, LOL…)


      • Oh no! I was not implying you are older aged at all 🙂 Just noting that my neighbors are and for that reason they don’t like us 20somethings. I wish you were my neighbor instead! Sounds like you have fun in your neighborhood.


        • I would LOVE to have cool 20-somethings as neighbors. We always get the weird ones, tho. On the one hand, it can be irritating, but on the other? Blog fodder for the win! 😀 Move here!!!! 🙂

  4. I live in a neighborhood that was built in the early 90’s. It is on a Cul de sac and they have a block party every spring. Unfortunately, my husband bought the house and his ex-wife (who lives nearby) is invited and attends. Yuck.

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