Social Networking Etiquette…

Your thoughts are welcome...

Your thoughts are welcome…

I think I may have made a major social networking faux pas earlier this evening. (Sorry, Sis & Tina!)

Those of you who watch The Walking Dead know that the season finale was on earlier this evening.

Now, I take to social networking, specifically Facebook, to interact with my friends with similar interests.

I’ve done this on other season finale nights, as well as the Superbowl, the Grammy Awards, etc.

Where my faux pas comes in is that this evening (oh, btw, this would be a serious SPOILER ALERT for those of you who have not seen this episode, so read on at your own risk…) is when Glen had gotten shot by the asshole that was responsible for having Noah killed a few weeks back, and they got into it and the next thing I know, there’s a walker on Glen. I posted on FB, “Watching The Walking Dead, #WalkingDead, Oh, NO! Not Glen!!!”

Shortly after that, my feed read a friend of mine was shutting down FB for the night because she was going to be unable to catch the episode live. My sister (again, sorry, Sis!!) addressed my post with, “Argh! How about a spoiler warning for those of us who have to record at 11pm and don’t get to see it until tomorrow? *heads off to tell FB to block this post on my timeline before I see anything else*

Whoops…Seriously…Sorry, you guys.

Did I screw up? Yay or nay?

Did I screw up? Yay or nay?

So my “thing” here is this: Half the fun of social networking sites is to interact with people that are watching the same thing as I am. Was I totally wrong in not posting a spoiler alert at the beginning of it?

Usually, (and this is just me, mind you), if I know I’m DVR-ing something, I tend NOT to be on social networking sites, simply because I know people will be talking about whatever the “big-thing-du jour” is, because I don’t want to know until I can get to it later.

Now, if I’m wrong?? I expect you to tell me if I screwed my sister over (Glen is fine, btw, but SPOILER ALERT, Porch-Dick is limp; read: DEAD) by posting what I did. Granted, as hormonally imbalanced as I am these days, I can’t guarantee your criticisms will not be met with no tears and a bunch of butt-hurt, but I’ll get over that, LOL. (Yeah, see? I can laugh about it now. Welcome to my nightmare, haha…)

So what say you?

Please and thank you, and…

Until Next Time…


14 thoughts on “Social Networking Etiquette…

                    1. I’m in therapy for too much snow. I went to lowe’s and was hanging around the garden section as therapy. Too bad they don’t serve wine in there. I would have sipped some wine under the Pergola’s on display. 😀

                    2. I walk through the back yard to check trees and plants for signs of spring. The Bradford Pear bloomed a couple weeks ago, the Weeping Willow is green, now, my hydrangea is getting leaves, as are all my Rose of Sharon. The grapes still look like sticks, though.

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