Fun With Men (A play on/with Words…)

So I posted the following image on my Facebook profile a few hours ago and it kind of morphed:

This sums it up nicely.

This sums it up nicely.

Where it went from there? Bwahahahahaha…. (Sorry fellas…it’s a natural thing, I think…)

Words with a negative connotation with “men” in them:

  • MENopause;
  • MENstruation;
  • MENses;
  • MENtal;
  • MENial;
  • MENace;
  • MENengitis;
  • MENstrual;
  • ArguMENtative;
  • AbandonMENt;

But then, there are those other words that may be a good thing:

  • MEN (’nuff said…)
  • FerMENtation (without which we would not have beer and wine);
  • AdustMENt;
  • EmpowerMENt;
  • EmployMENt; (and all those other words that have MENt at the end…)
  • MENtor;
  • MENthol; (because who doesn’t love Vicks Vapo-rub, right?);
  • MENage-a-trois? (ducking)

Give me what you’ve got, people….Your best (or worst…I’m easy…) My little mind just blew up…

Till next time…

And for my buddy, Rob, at the V-Pub:


30 thoughts on “Fun With Men (A play on/with Words…)

  1. Hahaha! Negative connotations? You missed the worst one – WOmen. *cowers in fear at the repercussion* Flame away! BTW, do the X-men count? Hmmmm. Acumen.

    1. For the win!

      Jeebus… MY man, whom I usually adore, just now told me that I am not the only person who has ever gone through this. No shit, Sherlock, but I AM the only one in my immediate circle of friends who is.

      Go sleep yo ass on the couch. MENtally challenged. Yes, I know this is not PC, but if you have ever been married to someone who doesn’t get this shit? Yeah…that.

                    1. The best I had ever done was 60, but that was after a double espresso and a good nights sleep. I’m happy if I can bang out 15 words a minute. I wish I had more index fingers – I’d be a lot faster. 😀

                    2. There are few shows today that I can stomach. There were so many ‘must see’ shows back then. If you like Weezer AND classic TV, check this out:

                    3. Oh, I loved that video when it first came out! It was on my very first ever PC…Windows 95 was on it, and that video was in the sample video files…I thought that was the coolest thing ever!

                    4. OMG, INORITE? Back in the days when I knew absolutely NOTHING about computers! I cut my word-processing teeth on WordStar and the “dot” commands… Geez, we really are getting up there in years, huh?

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