Small Towns – Violence Lives Here, Too…

Not likely to be on the DL.

Not likely to be on the DL.

So a few days ago I posted about the college shooting that put our hospital on lockdown.

I had talked to my dad that night after posting my blog and said that I was fairly confident they would find the guy within 24 hours, and they did. He was arrested after sleeping on the beach in Daytona Beach. I woke up at 5:00 a.m. the next day, and saw where he’d been arrested.

During his Florida court appearance he made some pretty scathing accusations about the victim. The link to the video hasn’t been edited and is not for sensitive ears.

It was good to know (in kind of a warped way) that the suspect was gunning for one person and one person, only, not randomly shooting up whomever was in his way, but when it was all going down? We were scared. This guy’s actions put an entire hospital on lockdown, as well as several doctor’s offices, the college, and it seems he was back home by 8:15 that morning. All the while, businesses large and small were altering their daily routines on the off chance this guy was still around.

This guy scares me. Never mind he is the same age as my youngest son. That, alone, makes my heart hurt. I feel for his mother. No, I really do. Remember when I posted about my middle son’s incarceration? I know how I felt when it hit the news, and all he was accused of was stealing stuff. Not that I’m justifying anything; I’m just saying I have an inkling of how this woman must be feeling, and my heart goes out to her.

He (the suspect) did a telephone interview with a reporter from a local news outlet (WRAL) and I listened to this today and it was chilling. The fact that he doesn’t CARE that he’ll spend the rest of his life in jail? How many more people like him are out there, just doing what they want to do? Not comforting. Not. At. All.

He waived his right to an extradition hearing and they flew him from Florida to Goldsboro earlier today. He was removed from the courtroom after showing his ass to the judge this afternoon. Here is the video…

I just don’t get it.

What the hell is wrong with people today? I get that the Internet allows us all access all of the time, but I truly don’t recall this kind of crap in the morning paper when I was reading it over cereal and coffee when I was in high school, and into my earlier adult years.

People are getting scary, yo…

Hug your loved ones tight tonight (and every night), tell them you love them, nurture your children, and just try to do right by everyone.

Today’s world is a frigging scary place. The more I think about how it is these days, the more sad I get for the human race. We’re so busy worrying about ISIS and terrorists overseas that we seem to be overlooking the people that need help on our own soil. I’m going to bed sad tonight. That is all.

Just sayin’….

Until Next Time…

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4 Responses to Small Towns – Violence Lives Here, Too…

  1. The V-Pub says:

    My twins are 12 and I wonder what kind of world I’ve brought them into…..

  2. I think the world is a scarier place now than when I was young. I don’t know if there really is more violence, or if it’s just that we hear about it more because of the internet.

    PS: You’re old enough to have a son that age? You sure don’t look it in the photos you’ve posted.

    • God bless you! My eldest will be THIRTY on the 20th of this month; my middle son will be 23 on June 2, and the baby will be 21 in September. My step-daughter just turned 19. I’ll be FIFTY at the end of June.

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