The Hammock Arbor…Part Deux

This post is going to be word light and picture heavy.

It’s been kind of a crazy week at work, and I am mentally wiped out, but it’s all good.

There is grass coming up in the place that used to be the deck, as well as where we filled the low spots. I’ve planted Canna lilies, as well as some more day lilies down one side of the pool for a little added privacy.

My dahlia and lupine are blooming, and our bamboo will be here on Monday.

I tilled a plot out for our veggie garden, which we hope to plant over the weekend, if Sub-Tropical Storm Ana (and that would be Ahhhh-nah, not Anna…whatevs) will allow it.

So here are the pictures:


5 thoughts on “The Hammock Arbor…Part Deux

    1. Posting my reply from the hammock, lol…

      Yeah, I am fairly worn out. I put up a nylon parachute hammock without stretcher bars in case I fall asleep. Getting tossed isn’t a good thing, so I can snooze safely….been some work this week for sure!

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