Catching Up…

//hangs head in shame//

I know…Slack. Sorry. Seriously.

Just me in the hammock swing...

Just me in the hammock swing…

Work? OMG! Work has been a bear (but still somewhere I enjoy going each day…really)! I was able to get two additional positions added to my Transport Department, and after two months of meetings? It was determined that a second Courier was needed in my original department to pick up all the extra stops we’d acquired. This left an additional position open for Support Service Associate, because we promoted from within to fill the second Courier position.

Then there was building/re-building the new route and existing route, a bunch of interviews to hire for the available positions, budgets, new route runs (for me as a ride-along), and annual evaluations.

That was just work… (And as you can see, above? I am using my zen garden to my advantage!)

Where to hang your personal swing?

Where to hang your personal swing?

On the personal front?  We dropped another beam between the two horizontal planks on the hammock stand to accommodate my single rope swing.

I took a four day weekend over the Memorial Day holiday, and ended up doing some maternity shots for Johnny’s daughter.

The garden is going bonkers (YESSSS!) and we’ve got plants blooming left and right. I plucked my first blackberry off the vine today. *pucker* Needs more time! SOUR!

I submit to you a visual journal of the last few weeks in the yard:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was also asked to submit my “journey” for a web site for real people who had real results in their weigh-loss adventures, and I will be sharing more about that in a future post.

It’s been busy, but life is good!

Until next time…


14 thoughts on “Catching Up…

  1. There you are, Ms. Greenthumbs fancy pants! 😀 How are you? The garden looks wonderful. The good – your blog looks wonderful. The bad – you cropped the selfie too much. 😀

    1. Rob, you’re killing me. I’ve been offline a lot because I unplug during potential storms. Don’t want to fry another hard drive. Been busy building, gardening and getting ready for TWO grand babies!

      1. I can see by your excessively cropped photo of you in the hammock of how busy you are. 😀 The garden looks wonderful, by the way. Congrats on the babies. Babyproof the furniture time – again!

          1. We’re way behind. My cherry tomatoes just set flowers this week. I love summer squash though. I am growing sweet potato for the first time this year.

                    1. haha! I forgot about that one. That is why a fast, stealth roll-over move from the float and into the water is so critical. 😉

                    2. I had a wonderful experience in my pool this weekend. No, it’s not what you think. Have you ever had to change out a burnt out pool bulb? I didn’t. Not pretty!

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