United We Stand… I Fear the Rest…

I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for a couple weeks or so. I’ve been working in the garden, building the gazebo, and otherwise living outdoors.

I’m sitting in my parachute hammock enjoying the almost cool breeze of what I hope will be rain storms soon. It has been hot as hell here, in eastern a North Carolina, over the past few weeks. I’m doing this on my tablet, so excuse any formatting errors, okay?

It’s also been hot as hell in the news lately. See, there was this whacko gunman that killed what? Nine people in a black church in Charleston, SC, last week after having spent an hour in a Bible study with his victims. Omg…I can’t even begin to go there; it’s a heartbreaking tragedy. The minister, that was also a state rep looks like a friend of mine at work. It makes me cringe. A lot.

Today, The SCOTUS overruled bans on same sex marriage in the remaining what? Fourteen states that didn’t recognize it.

Today I also read about terrorists…a beheaded person at an explosion in France, 37 vacationers gunned down in Tunisia and 25 killed at a mosque in Kuwait, was it?

I am wholeheartedly anti-terrorist. I am also wholeheartedly human rights.

Like I posted on my facebook page earlier this evening:

If ghihadist terrorists take this country down? It’s our own fault. We have so much self-hatred in this country, as a whole that I’m amazed that we are still a country.

I get the whole debate on the Confederate flag, but I’m not from the south and I can also see where this could be construed as offensive,

I can almost see the same sex marriage debate, having come from a somewhat conservative Catholic family, but I am of the opinion that we need to live and let live, yo! Same sex marriage doesn’t affect me, but it does affect some family and dear friends. And I am ridiculously happy that my same-sex people can now have their marriages recognized in all fifty states. Except for the whole terrorist-thing, today was a good day in America.

That said, I also have family and friends of different races and religions. I love all of them BECAUSE OF, not in spite of our differences.

I posted the following earlier this evening. I’m waiting for the fallout:

If we, as Americans, can’t come together, whatever our differences? This country doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of standing up to the ass hat terrorists trying to take us down.

Just think about it for a minute the next time you want to blast your neighbor for an opinion that doesn’t exactly align with yours.
United we stand, DIVIDED we fall. Think about it, people….

Until next time…

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8 Responses to United We Stand… I Fear the Rest…

  1. i am more concerned about people trampling all over history. members of my family died for that flag, and died defending their homes. now the pc crowd wants to whitewash ( no pun intended) history in order to be politically correct. i cannot bide by that.

  2. Joyful2bee says:

    Jules, I am totally with you!! Good blog!

  3. The V-Pub says:

    I am happy for anyone who is gay, but sad for anyone who is a constitutionalist. Supremes are writing laws these days..

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