Cops As a Target?

STOP shooting them. SERIOUSLY!!!

STOP shooting them. SERIOUSLY!!!

Seriously, Dude? NO!  Just, NO!

Do y’all even KNOW what it takes for someone to be a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer)?

Cops have to go to school. They have to get through BLET (Basic Law Enforcement Training), which in itself would kick anybody’s ass. It’s not just laws and stuff…it’s PHYSICAL, too! (I know this, and that is what stopped me back in 1990 from doing this.)

I’m sorry. I looked into this, again, as I actually thought I wanted to be a cop a few years ago, but I found out it was going to knock at LEAST 10K off my annual salary, so I opted out. That, in itself, is an insult. I can more than likely scale that wall, today, but won’t, unless they could meet what I make now, because, yanno, cash is a motivator. LEOs should be making 10K MORE than my pansy-ass-desk-sitting self. Honestly?

And now, because they wear a badge, they are a big, fat target?

Gimme a break, y’all!

I get that black lives matter. But I also get that brown, white, yellow, red, green, chartreuse AND cop lives matter. Seriously.

The poor Deputy that was putting gas in his car last weekend? This hurts.

Then there was the poor guy (GI Joe) in Illinois? Heart breaking.

I could go on and on. In fact, I could be up until the wee hours of the morning linking on-duty cop killings.

Let me just say this:

I wanted to be a cop (see above; fiscal considerations). I have a LOT of family and friends that ARE cops.

I worry about them. They wear badges and now they are suddenly targets?


These men and women swear to protect and to serve, yet they are being gunned down in the streets.

Because I’m one of those girls/women/grandmas that tends to poke more than lie down, I’m wondering what would happen if all the LEO’s simply walked the fuck off the job.

No. Seriously. Why would they want to protect the same people that are trying to knock them off?

Let someone mug your mother, rape your sister, or kidnap and sell your offspring. You’re so busy taking shots at the cops that you don’t stop to think about how they would put their lives on the line to protect you and your family.

Having grandchildren, I have to pause and wonder what life will be like when they are adults. I love my grand babies beyond belief, but at the same time? I can’t honestly see bringing a new life into THIS world.

As a newly 50+ woman in America, I can only sit back, shake my head, sound like my grandparents, and wonder what the hell is going on with society today.

God (and Goddess) bless our LEOs out there. To my friends that are more brave than I am? I love  you guys and pray for you every day. Please be safe, y’all! I love and admire you and trust y’all with my life!

To you cop killers? You better…wait…no…that would totes ruin my reputation. Just go hide somewhere, because I’m betting your asses WILL be found. It’s just a matter of time and I hope y’all opt for suicide by cop, because it’d be a hell of a lot cheaper than keeping your asses up at the tax payers’ expense on a life without parole charge.

Just sayin;…

Until Next Time…

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