The Media Made My Head Explode Tonight…

We haven't seen the sun in 11 days!

We haven’t seen the sun in 11 days!

Seriously, I’m not one to poke fun at someone else’s misfortune, and I promise you I’m not, but seriously? The media tonight, during the ridiculous flooding of our neighbors in South Carolina?

Oh. Em. Gee!

So, apparently, Columbia, SC, is getting it’s butt kicked by water. I’ve seen interviews… Ouch. Just….Ouch…

Reporter: “So what did you do when you realized your home was about to be flooded?”

Resident: “I grabbed my wife, my doggie and two Totino’s pizzas out of the fridge…we got to go.”

This wasn’t so bad, except…

Reporter, standing in the rain with the resident, looking at water halfway up the resident’s home: “What are you feeling right now?”

Really? How would YOU feel? How would ANY of us feel?

And later…

We are seeing rushing water all over the city of Columbia. The reporter asks the rescuer, “…and where are these swift water rescues taking place?”

Seriously, dude?

Seriously, dude?

Seriously? Dude! Do you NOT see the water rushing by, like, EVERYWHERE?  Where AREN’T they taking place???? //facepalm//

But I think the worst thing I heard all night was the following:

“If you’re safe? Stay where you’re at.”

What? Stay where you are at? What the hell happened to “Stay where you are”?

If I’d used that vernacular in high school English, I would never have passed. How does one get through college getting a journalism degree when your sentence structure is grammatically hosed? Yeah, I know. My inner grammar nazi is showing, but Jeebus!

Just because the rest of us are losing our minds doesn’t give the press a pass, does it?

Or maybe I’m simply antiquated, old fashioned, and cranky. Who knows…But at least that lady got her dog and pizzas out of her residence before it was too late. *sigh*

Until Next Time…


7 thoughts on “The Media Made My Head Explode Tonight…

    1. Hiya, Rob! I’m sitting on unpublished blog posts, but have been so crazy busy! (That and by the time I’ve spent a day at the office, the last thing I want to do is sit in front of another computer, LOL…) We’re fine, dry, and sick of rain.

  1. I did not see this but have heard newsmen ask people how they felt when a neighbor was brutally murdered! The camera zoomed in on the person’s face to catch anything personal. The woman answered, “How do you think I feel!”
    I hope others will answer the same someday! What idiots! To keep someone there while the water is going by is dangerous, irresponsible and stupid!!
    I agree totally!! Thank you for articulating this.

    1. Thanks, Elaine! Honestly, the media has been driving me nuts, lately, anyway. Did you hear any of the questions some of the reporters were shooting at the witnesses at that college in Oregon last week? I couldn’t even…

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