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The Playground and Then Some…

So we arrived at the playground site shortly after 0630 last Saturday, the 14th. The hubs was the mulch team captain and I got sidetracked by registration and some other administrative stuff (counting who came from where), so I didn’t … Continue reading

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The Power of One (times a whole bunch!)

So…I’ve never been one to volunteer (except for when the Girl Scouts made us sing at a retirement center, and since then I have been ridiculously freaked out by really old, drooling people – I’m sorry. Some things you never … Continue reading

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Soy Wax…For The Win!

So, I took some down-time this weekend. I made soy candles and wax melts. My primary source for project instruction and supplies is Candle Science. I initially wanted to just do wax melts for my Scentsy burners, but I found … Continue reading

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