Soy Wax…For The Win!

Soy Wax, 10# bag

Soy Wax, 10# bag

So, I took some down-time this weekend. I made soy candles and wax melts.

My primary source for project instruction and supplies is Candle Science.

I initially wanted to just do wax melts for my Scentsy burners, but I found that soy candles are just as easy to make.

Today I did a batch of three 8 oz jelly jar candles, green, with an Amber Noir scent and four clam-shell packs of purple colored “Day at the Spa” scent.

Color and scent.

Color and scent.

I used both Ecosoya PB and Golden Brands 464 soy wax. The 464 for the jelly jar candles and Ecosoya for the clamshell wax melts.

My first project was the green jelly jar candles. I was a little leery of wax on the stove top, so I had my fire extinguisher on the counter by the stove, you know, just in case, because we all know if it weren’t for bad luck…. *shrug*

Got it melted down, and heated it to 185 degrees (Fahrenheit) and added about three drops of liquid color. I stirred it in, then removed from heat and added an ounce of the Amber Noir scent, stirring about twenty times counter clock-wise, then clock-wise before letting it cool to 135 degrees. It was at this point that I poured it into three 8 ounce jelly jars.

Poured with no issues.

Poured with no issues.

I’d placed my three jars, wicks and wick bars into a 170 degree oven to warm, because that’s what the directions said to do. They said warm to 125, but the lowest setting on my oven is 170, so I threw them into the preheated 170 degree oven while the wax was cooling to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. I poured my wax into the wicked jars and had no pulling from the glass or any other anomalies that can sometimes occur with soy wax candles. (Beginner’s luck?)

2015-11-07 15.34.28

Empty clamshell molds.

I cleaned my melting pot and went again with a half pound of Ecosoya PB for 4 clam shell molds of wax melts. This time I used purple dye and “Day at the Spa” scent. Now that I had a bit of a grasp of what I was doing, I was comfortable bumping the stove temperature to medium from medium-low.

All poured and ready to set.

All poured and ready to set.

When the melted wax hit 185, I added three drops of liquid dye and .75 ounce of scent and stirred, then let set until the wax temp hit 145, at which time I poured it into the clam-shell molds.

Almost done...

Almost done…

I set everything on the dining room table to set/cool.

I am hoping to do some pillar candles, as well as more wax melts/tarts for Christmas gifts as additions to my favorite body-butter scents.

When I do the pillar candles, I will share that adventure, as well.

When I’m not working, y’all know I’m going to be home-making SOMETHING for my friends and loved ones for the Holidays.

What are your favorite crafts to give as gifts? Do any of y’all make soy candles? Share your secrets!

Until Next Time…

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  1. These days I don’t even have the energy to bake cookies, much less melt wax and create beautiful candles. But I’ll be glad to accept some of yours if you want to send them along. 🙂

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