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Pumpkin Bread (aka Suck-Up Bread)

So, y’all know that I got a Kitchen Aid mixer as an early Christmas gift, and I have been a baking fiend! Last week my new boss came into our office and introduced himself to the rest of the staff. … Continue reading

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On Being PC…

I don’t do this often, but when I do? I put my thick skin on, because I know it’s bound to piss someone (or many someones) off. *shrug* This post may be controversial. It may even cost me followers, readers, … Continue reading

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A Stand Mixer – The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Winter, 1993 – Pound cake, sourdough bread, Sally Lund bread, plain ol’ white bread and lots of all of the above. Me: Honey, I would REALLY love a stand mixer! Him: You’ll never use it. Spring, 1994 – Pie crusts. … Continue reading

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