My grand baby, Bruce, was kind enough to teach me a powerful lesson this weekend.

LOT of crap has gone down in my life, both personally and professionally, over the past six weeks or so. Being who I am? I’ve taken all the hits personally, but after spending yesterday evening with my daughter and grandson? I’ve gotten some shit in perspective.

He threw his keys out of the pack and play, waaaay out of reach.

“Uh-ohhhhh!” He exclaimed with a huge grin on his face.

I retrieved them for him and handed them back. A few seconds passed. He threw them out again.

“Uh-ohhhhhh!” he squealed, with a grin.

And on and on it went; all smiles and giggles.

It took until tonight for the light to come on.

The big “uh-oh’s,” like a cancer diagnosis, the need for a triple bypass, a divorce, or a death can’t be laughed off. I get that. This little things? you know them; petty issues at the office, a spilled rum and coke, your house not being visitor ready for surprise guests? Those are the “Uh-oh’s” that can be laughed at, like the keys thrown out of the play-pen.

Lesson learned? Don’t sweat the small shit so that you can focus on what is really important in your life.

Tell me about your “ah-ha” moments and what you learned from them.

Until next time…

About Julie the Workaholic

Mom of three (grown) sons and one (grown) step-daughter, wife of one, friend of many, and owned by seven 4-legged critters, writer, photographer, friend, huge fan of life, and most of all, lover of all things beautiful .….Getting healthy, and hoping to make a dent in the world in a most positive way! (And then there's my alter-ego, the Workaholic, who is me, just unfiltered.)
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4 Responses to Uh-Oh!

  1. The V Pub says:

    I totally agree. All it takes is one real bad thing in life to put all else in perspective. Dents don’t even bother me.

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