Sometimes Social Media is Enough…

I know that I have blasted the hell out of social media in some past posts, but there are times where social media has its place.

Let’s look at disasters.

We had a hurricane hit the southeast section of North Carolina last weekend. This storm was “supposed” to turn out to sea, right? Well. Guess what? It didn’t.

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When the last major storm blew through here (Hurricane Floyd in 1999), we didn’t have the social media/internet access that we have today.

I know that I’ve bitched about social networking being a bad thing in ordinary times, but when it comes to times like these?

It’s good to see what is going on my neighborhood and even a bit beyond.

I am fortunate enough (because our truck is in the shop and we can’t use my little Toyota ‘vert because she can’t handle water) to have a friend and co-worker out there taking pictures of our county.

As a photographer, it kills me to not be able to get where I need to be, but it’s awesome that we can pull together as a community and share images so that we know what is going on beyond our front door in the cases that we literally CANNOT get beyond our front door.

Thank you to all the the people that were able to (and brave enough to) get out and let the rest of us know what the hell is going on in our neighborhood.

The only images I was able to get were these, the day after the storm:

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Until Next Time… (whereupon we will talk about retiring early and becoming expats to a warm, Central American town…

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  1. The V Pub says:

    Hi, Julie. Just wanted you to know that my blog went private. If you go to:, just click on the radio button and I’ll approve you. I hope to see you there.


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