Post-Election Musings. Wait. No, It’s a Rant! (sorry)

You are kidding me, right?

Race-relations today suck. They suck big right now.

People are rioting under the guise of “protest.”

American flags are burning. (Although that is not a crime, I will say that I AM personally offended; our Veterans fought/are fighting for this flag, and to burn it on our own soil pisses me off.)

The generation that is in college today was given a trophy for just showing up. I have an opinion about that. (You know, those poor kids being given time off from classes so they can find a safe space, drink hot chocolate, color and have a cry-in…)

Brace yourselves. I’m in rare form, y’all, and I’m PISSED OFF!


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Do you see that flag burning? Yeah. So do I.

Doing due diligence is a new(ish) thing for me. I am not used to posting political blog posts, but, apparently, this is where we are as America, as a country.

So let me go through my laundry list of beefs:

*Race-relations today suck. They suck big right now.

So…I went to a political rally last week. My first one, actually. Someone at work, apparently, found out where I was. Another person at work proudly stated that she voted for the candidate whose rally I attended. The person that spoke her vote was called a racist. So does that mean that I, too, am a racist? THAT kind of inter-office communication is frowned upon in this establishment. We (at our facility) are evaluated on our ability to embrace diversity. Being called a racist based on one’s vote is NOT diversity. It seems that we will be having “that” meeting at work.

As you know, I supervise two departments. In my larger one, one employee and I are the only white folks in that department. So that would be 17 blacks, 2 whites. That said? Please let me tell you all that I don’t see color. I see both sides. One of my employees posted a Facebook live  session that I can absolutely get behind, about how this is not the end of life as we know it, and that he is going to continue to do him. I think that I am probably one of the least racist people you will ever meet, so to imply that my vote makes me racist really might have hurt my feelings, had I not grown a thicker skin over the past few months.

*People are rioting under the guise of “protest.” 

Protest is allowed under the First Amendment. You know, Freedom of Speech? Except that there are flags burning, people getting the shit beaten out of them because of how they voted. (Now, flag burning is not against the law in these United States, but it IS an insult to those who have fought past, present and future for your right to do so. IMHO.)

That said? Setting fire to shit that doesn’t belong to you? That is illegal. Vandalizing shit that doesn’t belong to you? Illegal. Beating people up? Illegal. Now, I have looked for valid links to the most middle-leaning media outlets to substantiate what I am describing, yet I have been unable to. Will I post links to REALLY left-leaning sites? Uh, no. Will I post links to the REALLY right-leaning sites? Also, no. I have looked for neutral news (hahahaha, oxymoron. See what I did, there? Jumbo shrimp, y’all…) and can’t find anything.  Why? Because unbiased media is not a thing. One side will lead you to believe one thing, and one will lead you to believe the other.

But things ARE being set on fire (including our flag), and people ARE rioting. I looked at the New York Times, (who is actually viewed as a little left-leaning) to see what their take on the riots were. Check this out...

The generation that is in college today was given a trophy for just showing up.
This on its own? GAHHHH! This just sucks. When I was a kid, we had “good sportsmanship awards.” That is when you learned how to lose with grace. We don’t have this, anymore. Seriously? We are teaching our kids to cry when they don’t get their way. This is not a great thing. We need to teach our kids that it is okay to not be on top. We need to teach those kids that it is good to participate, but it isn’t the end of the world if they don’t get a trophy. I seriously do NOT have a trophy for ANYTHING. I pretty much sucked at any and everything I tried,  and I still turned out okay. But I kicked ass at roller-skating. Sadly? I didn’t get a trophy for that, but I took it with me, and as a 50+ year old person? I can rock the hell out of a rink. (Although it is a bit embarrassing to be wearing safety gear…even at my age. LOL!)

That said? Jeebus, people! Let us come together as Americans and bring this country forward to success. After all…aren’t we really on the same page?

Look, y’all…we are Americans. Let’s come together. Let us show the Establishment that we are all (and I mean ALL) Americans. Let’s get this country on the right track again. Let us just be color-blind.

Please and thank you!

Jules the WorkAHolic

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2 Responses to Post-Election Musings. Wait. No, It’s a Rant! (sorry)

  1. Good rant, Julie. I won’t offer an opinion on the outcome of the election (especially since there were no write-in votes for me, dammit!), but I will say that I am very unhappy with the responses to that outcome. ok, maybe people don’t like the candidate that won, maybe the future scares the hell out of everyone, but how does rioting help anything? Makes me want to lock myself in my house with my dog and my gun, just in case.

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