That Whole Work-Thing…

I know I had promised you some months back that I would bring you up to date on the stuff going down at work. This is a REALLY long post, so bear with me…in fact, I am going to spread it over two and maybe three posts.

Things have changed so quickly that if I’d posted anything, I was pretty sure I would have to do retractions.

Now, if you’ve been following me for a few years, you already know a bunch of this, so please scroll through the recap. 😉

START RECAP: I had been the supervisor for our facility’s Supports Service Administration department for 13 years. Three years ago my former boss, She Who Shall Not Be Named, retired and left an entire Transport department behind. I had a lot of spare time on my hands because my department basically ran itself. I wanted that Transport department badly. I went to my boss and told him I was totally ready for more responsibility, and after a year, he made me supervisor of that department, as well.

A little over a year later, he retired. New boss comes onboard. Initially? I thought this guy was the shiz. I even made him suck up bread.

If you were familiar to this point? Now is where you can pick up…

END RECAP: Boy was I wrong. This guy dangled the management carrot in front of my hungry donkey ass. Told me I could write my own ticket if I could get a new database program up and running. Sooo, I was working between 70-80 hours a week between the office and home. 

The hubs told me I needed to back off, so in late April, I put in for some much needed vacation time. I got called on the carpet, being asked did I REALLY need that time and was everything alright. I told him that, no, everything was not alright, that I was burning out and needed some time to reconnect with my personal life.

I got my week and then went back to the same ol’ same ol’. (Insert rolling eyes for “how could I be so damned stupid” here.)

I went right back to the grind, only working more from home nights and weekends. None of the “management”promises my boss had made were coming to fruition and by mid-August I was burned out, exhausted and fed the hell up. (Mom, I really wanted to use the F-word, but I know you read these. Love you!)

I emailed him from home one evening and told him that I needed the Environmental Services manager to train his supervisors to train their respective three shifts on the new database software because I thought it was unrealistic for me to be available all three shifts to train another entire department when I already had two first shift departments depending on me to manage them. That is when he shut down and put me on disregard.

It went waaaaay south from there. Per his instructions, I got us on the agenda for a nurses’ monthly meeting to introduce said program. He didn’t show up, but I did. They ate me alive. It was horrifying! 

After being chewed up and spit out repeatedly, after that meeting I retreated to my office and broke down in tears.

In my next post? What my therapist said and did, what the hubs and I did, and going back to work under new management…

Until next time…

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