That Whole Work-Thing III…

Patient transport for the win!

When we last left, my then-boss was run out of Dodge right after our new CEO was announced and came to visit both of my departments.

Things were running as per usual, with me running amok without a boss, as I had been since early August. 

Suddenly, they named an interim director to replace that “guy” that was my boss previously.

Still not sure what was going on in my chain of command, I was training on actually moving patients by bed, stretcher and wheelchair, hooking up oxygen and learning how to move the IV pumps from the wheeled pole to the portable pole. I felt that, as their supervisor, that I need to be able to do everything that I ask them to do. That is the mark of a good boss.

I was thrilled to have patient contact. Y’all have no idea! It was AMAZING!

So, two weeks ago tonight, the new HRVP left me a voicemail asking me to call him when I got in the next morning. I did. He answered, thanked me for getting back to me so quickly. The he tells me that he just wanted to make sure I was aware of the reorganization of my two departments. Uhhh…WHAT??? (So that would be a great big NO!)

Seems that my Transport department was moving from Facilities to Nursing. (Whaaaat?) I asked if I could go with them. He then told me that my Couriers were changing departments, which included my two floaters. So my one department of 17 was under another VP and my other, consisting of six, includinf me, was down to two people. 😳

I asked, “where do I belong in all this!” and was asked who I worked for. I told him that I was paid out of the Service Center, but supervised both that department and Transport. He didn’t know what to tell me except that he would call me before the end of the day to determine what would happen to my job. 

Needless to say? The highlight of my day was my digital 3-d mammogram. 🙁

Along about 3 pm, the new Nursing VP came to see me. She told me that she was sorry for the mix-up, but that I would remain with Transport (OMG, YESSSSSSS!) and that I would be moving under Patient Care Services. Unsure, at that time, who my boss would be, but knew who my VP would be, who is someone I admire and have worked well with in the past 😊.

A week ago, I learned who my new boss is. Yet another person I have worked well with in the past. To say I was tickled would be an understatement! I got to move out of the Service Center to the Transport office! What my new office lacks in acreage? It makes up for in enthusiasm! I am where I need to be with the team I need/want to be with!

Facility directors don’t care about screw ups on hand-off sheets. Now I have a Nursing director that tells me that those things do matter! 

I have the flexibility to change my schedule to augment my team as needed, dispatch and move patients as needed and all the time in the world to focus on one department, who is quickly becoming my family away from home!

So, that said? All’s well that ends well!

Until next time…

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  1. Good for you, Julie! So happy it all worked out.

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