End of Week Wrap-Up


That pretty much sums up Valentine’s Day ’17.

Because I am too lazy to actually get up and go sit in front of the computer, I am blogging from my tablet in the gas-heated pool house. Now, before you think we hit the jackpot, let me just say it is a propane tank with a heater unit attached, lol!

After posting Monday evening’s blog, I went to bed shortly thereafter, all excited at the prospect of a normal V-Day, for a change.

I woke up Tuesday morning with a nasty headache and wicked sore throat. I went on in to the office, only to be sent home after seeing the nice folks at Employee Health, after having a throat culture done. *gag*

No strep, thankfully, but had a virus that kept me out of work for three days. Because Valentine’s Day. 🤧

That aside, I went back to work this morning to knock out my operating budget. Because I changed departments, I had to add a new line item for my salary. For this, I needed a job code. My last one was SS-something or other. My new one would be CT-something. I called HR and found out my new job description hasn’t been done, which means the job code and title aren’t there, either. 😂 I’m title-less!

One of my team, I found out, has won this month’s Heart of the Hospital award! This means a picture of him holding the coveted glass heart, framed and hanging in the cafeteria. It means said pic on the electronic billboard on the main drag. It is a write-up in the weekly newsletter. He is going to wear his burgundy scrub top to represent. Now, you have to understand that this team always felt like red-headed step-kids at our facility. Oxygen canisters in the wrong place? Blame burgundy. Stretcher linens not bagged right? Blame burgundy. Tank holders on top of soiled linen carts? Blame burgundy. This month? Going above and beyond, helping everyone he sees? Compassionate and polite? That’s right! BLAME BURGUNDY, because that is how we roll!

Along about quitting time, some of the girls and I were talking about growing up and staying in the same town. I, of course, know nothing about this. This lead to a conversation about the clothing styles from back in the day. I have asked everyone who can put their hands on a yearbook to bring one in, next week. Not only will it be cool to see what everyone looked like back in the day, I think, too, that it will be fun to see the styles from the different generations. A few of us graduated in 82-83, a few before, and most after.

This should be a really fun way to get to know each other a little bit better. The teams that play together, stay together. Or at least will have a good time laughing at each other’s pictures and reminiscing about the old days.

Until next time…

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